Ariana Grande wears GCDS in the video Monopoly

GCDS announces partnership with Ariana Grande for the realization of a look on the measure worn by the singer in the video Monopoly.

The pop star, who released his latest video along with the rapper Victoria Monét, has chosen uno outfit is spotted, designed by the young Italian designer Giuliano Calza.

The look, composed by top and skirt, encompassing the whole of thea pop aesthetic of GCDS. The bra tops with knitted collar, and large puffed sleeves in fabric plush leopard-print black-and-white. The same fabric was used for the mini-skirt with asymmetric side slit.

Ariana Grande has completed the look of Monopoly with a fanny pack and a snowman in the shape of a lamb, visor and tennis boots cuissard black patent leather.

It is not the first time that the pop star is wearing a creation signed by Giuliano Calza. Ariana Grande had chosen a total look GCDS at the opening night of the Sweetener Tour in the States.

Before Ariana Grande, Giuliano Calza has dressed stars like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and Brooke Candy.

Watch the new video of Ariana Grande with the outfit signed GCDS.

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