Attended of urgency. Lydia Lozano and all Save me in shock by this


March 23, 2020
(11:47 CET)

Lydia Lozano are not going to Save me due to the confinement. The co-worker has taken the decision to stay at home, however sometimes the program get in contact with her via Skype, although it’s usually to make some puñeta. The tertuliana is very attentive to all the news about the coronavirus, but also to what happens in Survivors. Often scare has been this weekend.

The contestants have spent more than a month on the island and the difficulties they face, they begin to make a dent in their health status. They face extreme climates, or very hot or too cold, exposure to the sun and particularly the lack of food. For this reason, they should be hydrated and take care of yourself the most, because but may suffer voltage drops and fainting, as has happened to one of the contestants.

Albert Barranco

During the gala of Survivors of last Sunday 22 march it became known that the contestant had suffered a fainting while encontaba on the beach. Hours before the contestant has already stated that he was not very good. He felt “as if he had no strength.” Several of his teammates helped him by giving water and sugar to recover.

Despite this, the health of the Ravine did not improve. The contestant continued with the stare, hardly could pay attention to the words of their peers. “The head trip”said Fani Carbajo. They tried to carry the water, but the young man could not give or two steps. Decided to lie down in the sand to not finish fainted.

At the request of his companions a physician of the program came to meet the extronista and luckily everything was in a scare.