Attention! The deception with the chicken that you are going in the supermarket



March 23, 2020
(16:21 CET)

Following in the line of refute false claims with respect to food, which normally we carry our homes, now comes the truth about the deception of the Chicken you are straining at the grocery store. To the big supermarket chains a few are interested in that you base your purchases on erroneous information, since what is most important is that you follow buying often. Are you ready for the truth?

Is thought popular and have a misconception that the meat of poultry is at a top quality in relation to the rest.

The belief comes from that the Chicken was raised under different conditions to other animals, in other words, with other types of freedoms. In its turn, relates to the chicken with the orange color of the flesh.

What is certain is that the much-used term is not covered in the law, unlike the Poultry, however, is just part of a general classification and not a style of life of the animal. Pretty far has come to this topic without clarification.

Where the confusion comes from the color and the free-range Chicken?

You have to go back to a few decades ago, when the business had not reached the current levels. The orange color comes from the food given to chicken (All poultry) to base mainly of corn and carrot. Therefore, without any distinction of their environment, the flesh of the chickens was the same color.

Currently in order to feed this false belief, we employ a series of additives for that, no matter what you eat the chicken, the flesh is orange and it causes a positive effect on the buyer.

With all this we want to say that the meat of Chicken is not defined by the color nor offers large differences nutritional. You have finished the deception of the supermarkets that is passed on from generation to generation.