Attention with the avocado! If you eat this fruit, you read this!


avocado If you eat

March 23, 2020
(16:29 CET)

Starting a little with the side of the scientific, the avocado it is a fruit tree of the family Lauraceae, it certainly is not too relevant to the above, but what does matter are the associated benefits to our health which is able to offer.

The avocado came to our meals for flavor unlike any other fruit, in addition, by its texture, which facilitates their inclusion in many dishes. It was only after adding it in the diet, when we understood really all your contributions are healthy. Do you already have begun to like it more?

Among the list of favourable properties, we have: the reduction of cholesterol, the intake of folic acid, improves the functioning of the heart, works as an antioxidant, among others. To see this, we might think that with the addition of avocado (Another of his names) to any food, everything will be transformed into healthy, but it is not so.

The experts of nutrition with many years of experience recommend that you do not see the avocado as the salvation to all problems of our plate. In other words, do not leave all the responsibility to the avocado when the rest of the elements are harmful for the organism.

Limits of the avocado

Under the principle unalterable that all the excesses are bad, even what was healthy, there is a recommended limit of the amount of avocados, which should be eaten.

It is recommended not to exceed per person the half of an avocado average. The problems of weight gain are discarded with this fruit, but until the portion annotated is healthy, as above, the effects may begin to be contrary.

Within the good will always be the possibility of finding the adverse effect. Fortunately, the recommended amount of avocado is more than enough to satisfy our daily treat, and for our family. Very little to reproach to this feed, although it does not make miracles, it is about the grandeur.