Barbara de Regil is already tired of wondering about the real father of her daughter


The actress Barbara de Regil at 32 years old is one of the most beautiful and young of TV Azteca. The protagonist of “Rosary Scissors” was his daughter Mar Alexa Regil since the age of 16; because of this, their fans have been asking constantly to the actress about the whereabouts of the true father his daughter, something that already has tired to Barbara de Regil.

At 32 years, Barbara de Regil is one of the bodies best trained of the show, even after becoming a mom, the actress of television and film has retained a belly super toned and a body of ten. But the more than 5 million fans of the actress not only want to know your life and fitness career, but also his personal life.

Something very intriguing to the followers of Barbara is that she almost never talks about the real father of her daughter Mar Alexa Regil. However, it seems that the actress of Aztec already feel a little sick and tired of inquiring about that person constantly. Therefore, when a user asked about what he thought about his daughter from his real dad, Barbara de Regil said:

“To see if you understand it as well…”

“…I was a single mom! do you not understand? I went to mom and dad of my daughter, I got married with Fer and he is like the father of my daughter.”

Barbara to this question showed a very uncomfortable and annoying, since the actress on various occasions has claimed that the dad of her daughter is her husband Fernando Schoenwald, while the biological father of Mar Alexa never wanted to make responsible and abandoned her when Barbara was still pregnant.

Barbara de Regil was a single mother

The actress of 32 years is also stated in another story of Instagram that she had to work from a very young age to be able to keep his daughter, since his family stopped supporting her financially.

“I had no support, I became a waitress…”

“… Double shift, working from 11 am to 1 am in the morning,” explained Barbara.

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In addition, Barbara de Regil has always claimed to feel proud of having been a single mother and her daughter Mar Alexa Regil has grown up alone with her. Her work as an actress helped her to be able to give a better life to the Sea, and the young man who is currently 16 years old, is following in the footsteps of her mom, in the world of fitness.