Barbara de Regil: the controversial video of Tik Tok that left him in shock to his fans


Barbara de Regil managed to leave without words to his followers after one of their publications more scandalous Tik Toka controversial video where we can see the actress sharing a terrible board to get warm.

In this way Barbara de Regil interpreted one of the scenes more comical that you gave on television, in the specific programme “People Rule”, where one of the presenters recommended a “jacket” to go into heat.

However this scene replicated by Barbara de Regil in Tik Tok has caused a great uproar among his followers, since many users believe that in reality the actress was recommending the controversial “jacket”.

Barbara de Regil and its controversial video in Tik Tok

Let us remember that Barbara de Regil in addition to being one of the actresses most recognized in our country, has managed to be placed as one of the artists with the greatest influence in social networks, where you constantly see it, share your best workout routines and tips to stay in shape.

But on this occasion managed to surprise his followers through the platform Tik Tok, which apparently dominates to the perfection, because this controversial video has gained more than 47 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

Barbara de Regil impacts to their fans

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Barbara de Regil manages to surprise his followers, since another characteristic that defines this actress and influencer of fitness is his cheerful and fun personality.

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So that, on several occasions we have seen her starring videos more fun in social networks, whether interpretations such as Tik Tok or small jokes that ends up making them members of his family.