Coronavirus, Harvey Weinstein positive. Takes the isolation in prison


Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney to Meryl Streep. Not to forget Asia Argento. There are many Hollywood star, in the year 2017, a party against Harvey Weinstein. The former producer was published with the allegation of sexual harassment by the New York Times, a long investigation, according to Weinstein, would have the inappropriate behavior in the course of the last thirty years. During the judicial investigation, around 80 women have publicly announced, immediately rape, sexual assault and harassment of cream of Tartar. According to their statements, he, the young actor invited in a motel or in the office under the pretext that they discuss their career, asked for a massage, or sexual intercourse. Colleagues and staff of Weinstein have shown, journalists, these practices were made possible by employees, members and agents organized these events, and also of the jurists and publicists, that cancellavano the complaints with the help of threats and financial agreements. Due to the allegations made by the former manufacturer who was born in the year of 2017 #MeToo: the women’s movement against sexual harassment and violence against women.