Dalú of The Academy, crouches down and lets see what is in his crotch


Dalú took advantage of your account of Instagram to show that you have all the sensuality that is required to conquer their followers, since for a few weeks has left us to see their poses super sexy, and this 22 of march was no exception, as Dalú returned to upload a photo on the beach, with a shortybut on this occasion the pose caught my attention.

Dalú she posed in a squatting position, revealing his crotch, and even though he was obviously covered by the short, if it was a reason to their fans melt in social networks, thus at once received hundreds of likes, and comments on the part of their more than 300 thousand followers.

“They will come a lot of battles in life and you may not win them all…

… so I want you to know that the ONLY thing that is important is to not stop fighting without losing your essence, always being true to who you are, published Dalú

Dalú also stays at home

Dalú has gone from being in a bull run for 4 months in The Academy, to re-lock themselves at home because of the Coronavirus, however this time has allowed Dalú to think about and devote attention to their fans through Instagram and different social networks.

In fact recently dalú showed that it has a lot of talent for dancing, because of Tik Tok you saw perreando song “get Out” of Bad Bunny, where we are witnesses that The Academy left him much knowledge in terms of dance steps.

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Dalú has a career very promising because gala gala in The Academy he taught one of the voices most privileged in the country, so surely we can see having a small showcase, getting to know their music.