Daughter of Chayanne ENAMORA cantando do Better than his father?


Nobody imagined that the beautiful daughter of Chayanne he launches into singing and earned the appreciation of many of those internet users who have appreciated and have commented that what makes the way more spectacular.

It turns out that Isadora Figueroawho is the beautiful daughter of the singer known worldwide Chayanne, has inherited the art from his father and thus what has been shown in this video full of art and passion that has been given to the public.

Remember that your father has been around the world several times with their shows and presentations there, as Chayanne takes nearly four decades with his art, an art that her daughter Isadora Figueroa seems to have inherited in spades.

The vocal talents of Isadora Figueroa

It is worth mentioning that during the quarantine inside your home for the current situation of gravity that represents the coronavirus, the young man has shared a video that has shocked all the fans.

By what you see in the video, Isadora, daughter of Chayanne launches into singing and playing the piano with a strength and sensitivity that has fallen in love with the netizens who have seen the video, so ensure that he has inherited the talent of his father.

Isadora Figueroa has also written next to the moving recording the following text that says: “despite being at home, we can be united in other ways. Here I share a bit of my heart, music.”

Without a doubt, the beautiful daughter of the puerto rican, Isadora Figueroa, interpreted for his followers while he was playing the piano the famous song Let it be, of the group the Beatles, so the comments and compliments for her spectacular voice did not wait.

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It should be noted that Isadora Figueroa, daughter of Chayanne has an inborn talent, then ensure that it carries in the genes, but he had not shown in public until now where he has squandered all his talent as a singer.