Devastating. And it is of the reina Sofia and the quarantine. Terrible secret uncovered


March 22, 2020
(10:55 CET)

The margin of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, there is other news that occupies currently more rabid in Spain. And also the protagonist also has a crown. Or had.

We refer to the king emeritus Juan Carlos Ito which his son, the King Felipe VIyou have taken the assignment, giving up in addition to their heritage.

“The Crown must preserve its prestige and observe a conduct integrates, honest and transparent. The King you want it to be known publicly his decision to quit the inheritance which I personally might correspond, as well as to any asset, investment or financial structure, whose origin, characteristics or purpose may not be in line with the law or with the criteria of righteousness and integrity that govern your activity institutional and private, and that should inform the activity of the Crown” read part of the statement of Felipe.

Felipe VI congtreso


It is true that to “renounce an inheritance” in the life of the grantor is a farce in every rule. One can’t say “no” to this if the grant is not dead. Will have to see what happens when you miss Juan Carlos.

Be that as it may, the decision was taken from that come to light the news that emeritus had taken 100 million euros in commissions that were divided between two of his former lovers, Corinna and Martha Gayand a account in Switzerland. A fortune of that, in addition, Felipe VI it was the second beneficiary.

They say that the King what I knew for more than a year and that has taken advantage of the crisis of the COVID-19 to bring it to light and that happen to be as small as possible. Hence it is not useless to remind.

Now many are wondering where it is going Juan Carlos these days of confinement. And is that in some circles it has been suggested that Philip even would have rushed to his father’s house. But it is not.

Juan Carlos still living on the premises of Zarzuela. In the situation of the country is unthinkable that the emeritus to abandon the Royal House. The delicate state of health that crosses the 82 years what makes a patient high risk.

Juan Carlos I funera Pillar

A hell for Sofia

A situation that is becoming an ordeal for the queen emeritus Sofiathat is seen these days forced to share a roof with a man who is almost a stranger to her.

If the mother of Felipe VIoutside, Juan Carlos would already be in the home of one of the many friends that you have been offered bed and food on the table after the release of his son, not that I didn’t have a few euros in the pocket and had to live on the street.