Dies, Carmen de Mairena at the age of 87


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Carmen de Mairena, one of the most famous iconic television of the 90’s, has died at the age of 87 years. The news has come through their official accounts on social networks, where they have shared a video in which those closest to him expressed the pain of his death, and revealed that this had been produced in Barcelona by natural causes.

Carmen de Mairena

Carmen de Mairena

“His relatives and intimate friends we want to thank all the messages of support and affection that has been well received by all who wanted and recordabais during these last years,” he recounted in the post shared on social networks. “Carmen has been full of love, pampered and cared for by us, his loved ones nearby. Today, a star shines in the firmament, the star of a free woman, strong, courageous and a fighter, that has been and will be an icon LGTBIQ, giving visibility and fighting for the rights of the collective in times very harsh and difficult”.

The trajectory of Carmen de Mairena

During the years of his life, Carmen de Mairena was one of the transgender women who most fought for the LGBT people in our country. In 1959 he began to work as an entertainer for theaters in barcelona, obtaining great notoriety in the world of the night.