Disney+ arrives in Spain with quality of the video reduced because of the crisis of the coronavirus


Disney+ arrives in Spain on the 24th of march, as well as other european countries such as Uk, Italy or Germany. Because Europe is the main focus of the coronavirus and has increased the consumption of the internet, Disney+ has been reported that it will reduce your bandwidth.

According to Deadlinethe Walt Disney company has taken this measure following the request of the European Union in order not to overload the network during the isolation of the coronavirus. “Following the ancient commitment of Disney to act in a responsible manner, respond to the request of the Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton to work together to ensure a performance without the complications of the broadband infrastructure”says the press release of the company.


“In anticipation of the high demand of consumers in Disney+, we are putting measures to reduce our use of bandwidth in at least 25% in all markets in which Disney+ launches on the 24th of march”. The platform came to this day in other countries to France, but will finally arrive next month: At the request of the French government, we have postponed the launch until Tuesday, 7 April 2020″.

Netflix and Youtube have already taken similar steps. Netflix has reported a 25% reduction of its bit rate in Europe during the next 30 days. These decisions have been taken at the insistence of the European Union. The european commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton has been the manager of get in touch with these services as a preventative measure to not overload the network: “The streaming platforms, telecommunication operators and users, we have a joint responsibility to take decisions that ensure a smooth operation of the internet during the battle against the spread of the virus,”.

As reported by the president Pedro Sanchez, Spain has increased its internet traffic by 80% and it was the fifth country with the highest online traffic of the world, reports EP.

More platforms are attached to the measure

If you thought to consume content on other platforms by the loss of video quality from Netflix, Youtube or Disney+, don’t bother. Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV will also follow instructions and european and reduce your network usage.

“We support the need to manage with care the telecommunications services for make sure that they can withstand the increase in demand with so many people full time in-house due to the COVID-19said a representative of Amazon to Variety. The company confirmed to have reduced the quality of streaming in the Uk and other european countries: “Prime Video is working with local authorities and internet service providers where it is needed to reduce the congestion of the network, including Europe where we have already begun to reduce the bit rate of the streaming while maintaining a streaming service of quality to customers”.

On the other hand, Apple is going to reduce its bit-rate european AppleTV+. Even if your content is HD and 4K, you may from now on be reduced. According to 9to5mac, the reduction in video quality is obvious and its content is already displayed to some users with many pixels visible.