Disney+ brings ‘One, two, three,… Splash’ with a scene of nudity are censored?


Disney often face censorship of some of their content in countries conservative as Russia. But surprised that you censor yourself in your streaming platform. Director Ted Geoghegan has shared his surprise at seeing the edited a scene from ‘One, two, three… Splash’.

A particular scene showed Daryl Hannah, who plays the mermaid Madison. The young woman is nude from behind in front of the Statue of Liberty. His long blonde hair covers almost the entire body even though you see his ass. Geoghegan published the frame cut that is seen in the version of Disney+.

'One,two,three,... Splash' Daryl Hannah Disney+

This tweet makes many users to wonder if all of the content that shows this platform will be censored, despite being rated for ages 14 years and older. A user clears the doubts of all by saying that Disney has not been the author of this censorship, but it uses the version that was shown in the television.

At least it seems that Disney does not try to hide the editing of the film even though it has not been done by them. Geoghegan aware that there was a warning before the film: “He was attentive from the time he began the movie because it started with a huge “This program has been edited for content”. The Walt Disney company had already announced that he was going to put notices of “outdated content” in certain classic films.

However, we do not know if all the partial nudity will be censored. Geoghegan added another tweet showing a nude that has remained: “But, don’t worry, world. The penis Bart Simpson is still present in the version of Disney+ of ‘The Simpsons: The movie'”.

Double standards: Disney and Hulu

The Verge find it very hypocritical that ‘One, two, three,… Splash’ is available on Disney instead of on Hulu. Note that the movie of the years 80, it was premiered in its time, in a different study to Disney, precisely because of its content more adult. “Ron Miller, son-in-law of Walt Disney and former president of the company, I wanted to make more action movies with real adult characters and created Touchstone Pictures as a result”explains the article.

Disney has returned to make that distinction between children’s and adultor so says, among Disney+ and Hulu, leaving in this last platform titles such as ‘With love, Simon,’ or possibly the new series of ‘Lizzie McGuire’. This article puts in doubt that this separation of content is being done correctly as, for example, ‘The Simpsons’ is a cartoon-with a content little family and yet stay in Disney+ for his great success.