Escape to the movies: new tips, movie-quarantine –


The quarantine is moved, but GPone will not leave you! For those who is forced to live at home, but also for those who are still striving in the service of the country and were looking for a conversation, we GPone we will come to your rescue.

To cope with this big challenge that unites us we decided, not without a tip of sarcasm, the topic is very interesting: THE ESCAPE. That there is an escape on the physical, mental, of the reality or of the prejudices, the theme of escape was confronted, in several variants on the big and the small screen. We will then give you some, without any claim on the rankings of the quality.

Here is another series of tips ,cinema, then, is to see and check:

EASY RIDER – as a newspaper, mainly the sports, it was to start with a classic in the cinema on two wheels. As one of the film is a symbol of the “New Hollywood”,this film is used by ’69 under the best 100 films in the United States. THE Road Movie par excellence, fits fully into the culture of state government and of pleasure, escape, and freedom is typical of those years,. Starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson, and to the sounds of Born to be wild by Steppenwolf, a trip across America in the late 60s on your comfortable sofa.

The FLEETING moment – The escape is not necessarily a physical movement. In any other film than in “Dead Poets Society” (the title in the original) is open, the importance of reading and the spirit. To read an escape from reality is on its wayand in the famous movie of the late 80s, the main role play professor Keating, played by the tragically late Robin Williamsis a good example of this.

INTO THE WILD – From the true story of Christopher McCandless, played in the film by Emile Hirsch,Into the Wild is a 2007 film, is the the trip (or flight following?) a young man from a good family leaves, everything is on his shoulders, to walk, to travel through the States. On his journey he meets many people , but nothing succeeds, distorglierlo from his dream, you go on living in Alaska in complete solitude, in contact with unspoilt nature. Gorgeous, the soundtrack, signed by the famous guitarists of the Eddie Vedder.

The Mediterranean sea – A classic of the Italian cinema, directed by Gabriele Salvatores and winner of the Oscar for foreign film in 1992.Tells the story of a handful of soldiers land on a small island in the Aegean sea, during the second world war. Accomplices the island is almost uninhabited, and the impossibility of maintaining contacts with the outside world, the young soldiers will relate to activities which are not of the war and the changes inevitably to see your art and to see.

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK – John Carpenter-signature – a real movie-cult movie of the 80s, starring Kurt Russell in the role of Jena Plissken, modern antieroe their task will be to save the President of the United States of New York collapsed, in the throes of the hordes of criminals.This film is considered one of the fathers of the genre of futuristic/the world to create in the imagination of the beholder scenarios of a city in the throes of chaos where the control of the authorities is less.

AMERICAN HISTORY X – Derek Vinyard, played by a charismatic Edward Norton (for this role she received an Oscar nomination that did not win), is one of skinheads, extreme right-wing hamburger, the only after three years in prison for two counts of murder, will do everything it can to prevent the younger brother commits the same mistake, by in his footsteps. The long residence time in the detention center, in fact, leads to the fact that the protagonist rivaluti the own beliefs in a kind of escape from themselves.Despite the tragic finale , this film is a perfect example of how the isolation give rise to deep reflections can.

ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ Classics of the art of film in the late ‘ 70s, with the main role of Clint Eastwood in the role of Frank Morris, one of the robbers prisoners in the high security prison of Alcatraz. As the title of the film, based on a story that apparently is true (not documented but officially) the story of a group of prisoners and their daring plan to escape what was supplied with the records like a prison practically impregnable told.

INTERSTELLAR – Large masterpiece of science fiction-signed by Christopher Nolanwith a cast with actors like Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, and Michael Caine. In the not-too-distant future, a country that is changing now weathered and is an inhospitable place for the human race. Is task, a group of astronauts, the “escape”, the desperate search for a new home for humanity. Accompanied by the music of Hans Zimmer, the film is also the scientific advice of the well-known theoretical physicist Kip Thorne received.

THE ISLAND – a Escape to a fictional reality, to Ewan Mcgregor and Scarlett Johansson in this sci-Fi movie directed by Michael Bay in 2005. Between instances of eugenics and reflections ethical and very up to date, the film follows the story of Tom Lincoln, a survivor of a disaster, bacteriological locked up in a structure for maximum safety.. but the reality will turn out quite differently.

THELMA & LOUISE – A Road Movie woman with an extraordinary votes between which the protagonist Geena Devis and Susan Sarandon. A film that also boasts an Oscar for his screenplay, follows the story of two Housewives on the run, on your Ford Thunderbird. Escape from your life is unsatisfactory at the beginning that you tramuterà on the run from the police after a turn of tragic along the course of the film one of the films is emblematic of the search for freedom above all and under all circumstances.

THE WINGS OF FREEDOM – From a motive of Stephen King, another film plays in an institution. Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, the story of Andy, told of the double murder accused and those sentenced, two to life imprisonment. The film follows his story and his knowledge within the prison, such as the elapsed time, and not only him, but also the people with whom she comes in contact, and how ultimately, the voltage on the run triumphed in the end over everything.

SOURCE CODE – With Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan, directed by Duncan Jones(son of David Bowie ndr), Source Code is a film that passes between the thriller and science fiction. The officer Colter Stevens is involved in a project of the military, experimentally, to prevent terrorist attacks. He lives, by an ingenious system, are the memories of a victim of an assassination attempt, but during the movie, his perception of reality changes with the nature reserve, incredibly, to create to the point, perhaps, to be a reality, alternatives, and successfully, to escape their own.