Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy and Linklater are looking for what to tell in a new movie ‘Before sunrise’


To the saga ‘Before…’ you would premiere their fourth installment in 2022, and following the time span of 9 years that occur each sequel compared to its predecessor. And before the unknown of what I could try, its lead actor Ethan Hawke imagined how it would be the ribbon with the coronavirus present.

Fourth part of 'Before the...'

“Wouldn’t it be exciting if the next movie were they just isolated?”said Hawke in an interview for IndiWire in a direct on Instagram. If there is a person able to make you laugh at the world with the current situation is Julie Delpy. I can’t imagine what you would say about this. Also Richard Linklater is a true scientist. Will have something powerful to tell.”continued.

“It may be that the movie had to be set in Italy. Go directly to the focus of the problem and have them singing with all those people on their balconies, the end. The idea in reality would not be so descabella, since each installment is set in a different european country: Austria, France and Greece.

Break the mold

When you begin to talk more seriously about the possibility of that fourth tape, the interpreter advocated for a possible rupture with that periodicity of 9 years between the film and the film. “Linklater might want a different path, whether it be a short four years after ‘Before sunset’ or a movie after two decades. What we are thinking”said.

The search for a good story in the lives of Jesse and Celine has become a priority to be able to give a continuation worthy of the trilogy: Those movies worked because the three of us were doing exactly the same movie each time. When people make sequels just to be together… as Burt Reynolds that he did sequels to have fun with their friends. They could do a million movies ‘Cannonball’. You could tell that things were going very well. But I don’t know if the audience also. We enjoy working and being together, but we have to make sure that we have something to tell.”.