Galilea Montijo recalls a moving moment of his past it’s Adorable!


The charismatic conductor Galilea Montijodecided to recall an emotional moment on his official Instagram, and the beautiful presenter of the program “Today” shared a memory from his past that changed his life.

Through social networks Galilea Montijo he wanted to brag to their millions of followers on Instagram an adorable photograph, since the arrival of a very important person to his life, it was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Galilea Montijo shared to her fans a heartwarming photo next to his small son Matthew; in the snapshot you can see the instructor of the program “Today” loading between their arms to their son when he was a newborn.

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The beautiful host Galilea Montijo had been sharing naughty pictures showing off their charms with outfits very sensual, but on this occasion he left the glamour to remember her infant son, Matthew.

Galilea Montijo shared a photo from her past

The presenter of the morning “Today”, he sent an emotional message birthday to your son Matthew, who turns 8 years old this 23 of march, by which his famous mom Galilea Montijo sent him a lovely congratulatory.

“8 years #miamordelbueno that way change my life…

…I love to watch you grow! That God and life will always take care of them and give you beautiful things. I love you as no one can explain. Happy meet”.

The son of Galilea Montijo received a number of congratulations of birthday, among the famous that he wanted a happy day when small, was his great friend Inés Gómez Mont, who wrote how much he loves the son of the driver.

Galilea Montijo shares adorable photo with her son

Galilea Montijo shares adorable photo with her son

Among the congratulations that he received the son of the beautiful presenter of “Today”, one of the presenters of TV Azteca did not hesitate to wish the best to the little Matthew, as Anette Cuburu has been one of the friends of Galilea Montijo.

Photo: The View.