Harvey Weinstein is positive in coronavirus while in prison


Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and acts of sexual criminals a few weeks ago. Since then he was in prison and now we know who has given positive in coronavirus while he was there.

Harvey Weinstein

According to Michael Powers, president of the Association of Beneficiaries of Police, and Corrections of the State of New York, several members of the prison staff had been quarantined due to the coronavirus. Later it became known that on Sunday two prisoners were positive and finally, after taking the test, Weinstein has also been diagnosed.

Currently Weinstein is totally isolated from the rest of inmates. Is being held in the correctional facilities of Wende, near Buffalo, in upstate New Yorkas outlined BBC. The lawyers of the exproductor of Hollywood have expressed their intention to appeal against his conviction, according to reports one of them had not been informed of the diagnosis of your client. “Given the state of health of Mr. Weinstein, we are, of course, concerned, as if this is the case and we are closely watching the situation”said Imran Ansari, a lawyer.

Before getting to the prison Wende, Weinstein had spent time in another New York prison, Rikers Island, and in a hospital where he received treatment for heart problems and chest pains. But according to reports it was not there where it is caught, but later.

More celebrities who have given positive

These weeks are being especially harsh and we have been receiving reports of public figures who have tested positive in coronavirus. Debi Mazar (‘Arde Madrid’) notified in your account of Instagram at the same time that he took the opportunity to criticize the few measures of caution in the united States.

Also Itziar Ituño, Lisbon in ‘The house of paper’, announced that it was positive and it became the the first actress of our country to announce that it had.

These two actresses are joined by some more, from Tom Hanks to Santiago Abascal. We collect in this article some of the public figures who have tested positive in coronavirus.