He drops the hair strands and teaches it. Gema Lopez and all Save me with the mouth open


March 23, 2020
(15:57 CET)

It has always been since the question the hair of Gema López. Some of his followers believe that wearing a wig, however she has been denying these claims. The co-worker has told, that loves to take care of yourself and your hair also. Has a stylist every day that keeps you always in shape. The same hairstyle and the same color. Likes to wear a voluminous hair.

The presenter never has cared to talk about their touch-ups estétios and there are other people that either. Tamara Beanie is another one of the influencers that has been subjected to some changes in your physique. Veneers on the teeth, treatments anti-dark circles, hair extensions and eyelashes, are some of them. Has always been very sincere with their fans and has managed to gather more than 1.5 million followers only in Instagram.

It is there where he has posted a funny photo that shows that use extensions and has taken the opportunity to do a little bit of humor in these difficult times for all. “THE QUARANTINE STARTS TO BE NOTICEABLE…” he wrote next to a photograph in which poses with a hair extension that has been dropped.

Tamara Beanie is confined in his house with her children and husband, Ezequiel Garaywho gave positive for coronavirus and she herself has explained in her Youtube account as they carry this insulation and as found their partner. The video accumulated nearly half a million reproductions.