here is the trailer of the stripper drama with Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Use


Hustlers it is a comedy-drama inspired by the article of Jessica Pressler published in 2015 by the New York Magazine, that tells the story of a group of stripper that, plotting a coup hunchback, had conceived a scheme to lighten the pockets of the rich, disgusting, and, for them, pathetic scions of Wall Street: Jessica Elbaum, Will Ferrel and Adam McKayusing their label Gloria Sanchez Productionsthey decided to make a film and today came out, finally, the trailer.

Hustlers in the USA it has already become a small media event, because of the cast populated mainly by women symbol of the music scene such as Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Use.

Screenplay and direction have been entrusted to Lorene Scafariaknown for the discrete Seeking a friend for the end of the world and the screenplay Nick & Norah – it All happened in one night.

The cast of Hustlers certainly, it is not composed only by the three stars of american music, but is enriched by the Julia Stiles, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Trace Lysetteand Madeline Brewer.

“I chased Thistles, even before there was a movie, the type that I have run up on Instagram for about two years,”
said Lorene Scafaria to IndieWire,

“I chased Usable for about a year.

They are both people that I have dreamed of having in the film.
Of course, my job becomes easy when Jennifer Lopez wants to be part of the cast and at that point everyone wants to work with her, that was my luck.”

Scafaria he then commented on the work done in Hustlers from Use and Cardi Bboth their debut on the big screen.

“I believe that musicians and singers have a natural predisposition towards rhythm and timing and are as born to play.
Use has a great personality, Cardi has a great personality.

I wanted to write for their characters that showed their great personalities, but I wanted to still feel part of the world and part of the whole, and that no one spiccasse, and so to co-exist all within the film”,

The Scafaria it is then entered in the details concerning the writing of the characters, ordinary women and far from the personality and pop of the actresses, made it interesting and deep from the idea of robbing the scions of Wall Street after the collapse of 2008.

“I wrote the parts and then I encouraged everyone to improvise, feeling free and fluid” he said the director of Hustlers,
“In one scene there are 15 girls who talk in a dressing room, and I wanted it to be real, the dialogue believable as the girls talk between them.”

“They are real actresses.
I was impressed by their natural abilities and the energy that you gave to each other, and seeing them interact, employing the particular chemical, this is incredible.”

The director seems excited about the idea to meet the audience with his new film, which deals with the vicissitudes of the crack cocaine of Wall Street through a closer eye to the american worker the town.

“It was fascinating, and so dynamic to be introduced to a world where people don’t ever think” he said about his approach to the story told in Hustlers,

“Even if you are aware of it, don’t think about it that much… it’s as if no one avvesse never really looked at the story from their point of view.

Regards the women workers and this against which they collide.
The financial crisis has really destroyed their industry.
That is, has ruined the whole industry, but it has taken much more from the dancers.”

Lorene Scafaria he followed the cast of Hustlers in some of the training that they have had support to learn how to play with the same fluidity and movement ability of real strippers.

A workout that has put a strain on even a performer for professional Jennifer Lopez.

“It’s very athletic, it requires muscles that you think you have.
He gave Jennifer a whole new concept of respect for the dancers.

Dancing all his life, but he was still livid, at the end of each session.
It’s really, really hard.”

Hustlers is expected in the halls of the USA on the 13th of September, while we still don’t know anything about the distribution in italy.