If you barbecue your health is at risk. Attention to this!


meat bbq

March 22, 2020
(09:48 CET)

Above enjoy the good things in life, is health. Unfortunately, much of what we enjoy has a detrimental effect on our body, however, if we know the harmful agents, we can remove these routines from our type of background. The meat on the barbecue is the food better valued, but not the healthiest. Why is this happening? You what we have in the following lines preventive.

There are numerous recipes that can be used for a meat to the bbq, but at the same time, various risks.

According to information made public World Health organization, it is revealed that, the type of cooking at high temperatures that is applied to the flesh, produces chemical agents that increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

meat for the bbq

It is not recommended to completely the types of cooking that involve the direct contact of meat with flame. This is the case of the named meat on the barbecue.

The suspicions about this fact had some years, but finally WHO dared to order caution to the people who practice this way of cooking their food often.

What harmful agents generated by the meat on the barbecue?

The health risk is born by two factors, the processing of the meat and the cooking.

In the processing are immersed added chemicals such as the compounds nitrous. On the other hand, if we talk about cooking, appear polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are agents formed by incomplete combustion. This without forgetting the heterocyclic aromatic amines.

The three groups listed above may result in many compounds, which make the meat on the barbecue becomes a carcinogen.

Since you can not take by surprise the risk of the meat to the barbecue. By experience it is clear that cooking excessive in any case it ends up being positive for the organism. Health without discussion should always be the first thing.