in his film, the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could


Jennifer Aniston is ready to engage in his next film, the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Shiloh

The screw Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie you will cross. The first time it happened in a dramatic way, for the first, since the encounter between Jolie and Brad Pitt led to the break-up with ex Rachel from Friends.

Since then, it was water under the bridge, with Jennifer Aniston, the star of a stellar career. In the meantime, the “Brangelina” they are split, Brad Pitt left her demons, and Bradley Cooper is thanked for help in a dark time in his life, he won an Oscar. So, today, to engage the Aniston you say very interested, Shilohthe daughter of Angelina and Brad in his next film.

Jennifer Aniston wants to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Shiloh would be willing to follow in the footsteps of mom and dad, and then he jumped into the world of acting. Therefore, the proposal of Jennifer Aniston seems to be particularly tempting for the young woman.

According to the American press, the offer on the slab would be concrete. You create a relationship between the two could be the rapprochement between Jennifer and Brad, in the last few months. It seems that the reaction of papa Brad on the possibility of a drama was of the debut of the first-born positive.

Quite different in terms of the Jolie. The latter would indeed be quite a against the idea. Try yourself in the world of acting can distract from the studies. This would be one of the reasons of the mother. The Newspapers, but they also underline how well the actress does not want to see his daughter move closer to the ex of the father.

Who is Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Difficult, but think that Angelina Jolie may be long for your daughter to keep away from the limelight. The boy (13 years old) has the face of his father, in which lay the mouth of his mother. A mysterious spell, under the aspect of a sometimes male.

His parents peacefully in his decisions accept, to help, to understand who they really are. You grew up without a barrier selected, control of the company. This has allowed us to clarify their own parents want to be called John or Peter. No Brad Pitt was in an interview from 2009 on the set of Oprah. The world of the gossip is particularly interested in the young woman, and now we are waiting for an official response to the case of Aniston. The star of “The Morning Show” tried to convince in every respect Jolie.