Jennifer Lawrence and her man have against an intruder in your house


Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney had a intruder to get entrance in your house in Los Angeles.





Jennifer Lawrence and the man Cooke have faced Maroney’intruder that was the entrance in your houseunexpected situation, the spouse’s fear. The pair is input in the action before the arrival of the police, and is fixed between the case, fortunately without dramatic consequences.

A week ago, around the 21-star was in his own house in Los Angeles, if you noticed together with your man, you, ” a disturbing presence: a ventitreenne was succeeded, in fact, get into the apartment through the front door that was not closed properly. Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney, then stopped the intruder and called the police. The police officer at the scene of the crime, which explains over twenty years, she just wants the actress to meet one of your big fans, but are stopped and have to reckon with a possible conviction for introduced illegally in the house of Jennifer.

Oscar and Maroney, according to a report by the web site Moviewebthey were forgotten, close the door, and this led to the woman’s, they come without any difficulties. The two star, the shook already visibly, which would have insured for the lived experience, that in the future the attention to the own safety is definitely increased.

Jennifer Cooke married, and in October, the star of the Hunger Games, coming soon should be re-acting on the set, after a break from the world of the show.