Jennifer Lawrence: “women can improve the world”


Jennifer Lawrencethe young actress more in demand and courted by fashion designers and film-makers, who does not like interviews. To be more precise, as in the times in which it is unknown to put Sundance his first independent film, in sweaters and boots, ready for the snow and the journalists.

Today, Jenny, like to call it the friends and the peers, the Katniss Everdeen the saga Hunger Games and it is for many girls a model of independencesure , even in the opinions in favour of equality in wages, in the rights of the actors and their privacy in everyday life.

Beyond the Shine she deserves, finally, she stayed, the twenty years, in jeans, and went to walk to the Venice district, where he always inhabited Los Angeleswith his dog and with his friend, the actor Nicholas Houltis at his side in the film on our screens X-Men Apocalypse:.

You are not allowed to, “maybe”, says who who knows you. It is absolutely restrained on private: love, not Facebook, but on Instagram was of Bradley Cooper. Is super engaged, and even Steven Spielberg has confirmed that she wanted to be at his side in the next movie, It’s What I Dojust like Darren Aronofsky for the new project, still without a title.

She says with a laugh: “The career gave me tickets for many of the planet, but I’m the girl from Kentucky who won the infidels to victory for an Oscar for (my beloved) movie Silver Lining Playbook [[[[On the positive side, in 2012, ndr]and are ready for a new adventure cinema”.

Which movie was to see how a little girl?
I went to the cinema with my father, and pointed out, the film adventure and action. I think the is happy of my skills in acrobatic Hunger Games! I remember that I very loved The wizard of Oz and Dorothy to be said.

She is very active in the area of philanthropy and bring comfort to sick children, has also established a Foundation, Lawrence, for your…
Nothing to me, my heart is like a child who is sick. It was a must for me to create this Foundation, as it is far away from any reflector, go to the hospital to find you, books, toys, stay with them.

Not a contrast with his image is deleted, more and more armed by the magazine of luxury and fashion?
No one, and it is not vanity in me, when I see, on any title page.

A day with Jennifer?
Depends on where I am and the work. If you are free early in the morning, I go with my dog, I do gymnastics, pilates. Then, depending on the obligations that I have, but usually without a Secretary and I alone for the practical things you need to pay the bills via the Internet.

The magazine Forbes in the year 2015 has been written, that they paid the actress to pay more and, with 52 million us-dollar, on average, every year…
I pay all the taxes, I have no capital is hidden abroad and works much to my satisfaction. I want to have a long career, with many roles, and are satisfied with each of my films, even those that have had the highest popularity. I think A mad passion Susanne beer, which allows me to know an excellent Director. Yes, I want to videos in the future, and short films: of course I will.

Is stubborn, certain?
The, you, and I was very happy, because Directors like Bryan Singer, David O. Russell, Gary Ross, who have elected me. Without forgetting, Jodie Foster, which I wanted to Beaver if I’m not known for sure, as it is today. Directly from Jodie and the other, just like Susanne, it is always a huge thing for me. I have a dialog immediately with the strong women behind the camera and I support him in everything.

A feminist is?
I don’t know exactly what the word means today. Women have conquered (it is repeated), the independence, and I’m happy. There is still much to do, but it is the right thing to do. What to take away, that I laid you also like to eib services fashion and “duties” red carpet.

What is the favorite has interpreted the films?
Remains A cold winterhe put me in the Sundance and that was a hard story of survival and courage, between the mountains of the U.S. state of Missouri.

The fun, the successes of Michael Fassbender and James in their works cited in X-Men?
I’ll be part of the saga since 2011 and I like you very much. My Raven/mystique is a nice mutant fight against those who they exploit, and suppress. A role is very modern, not true. Cinema, special effects, in my opinion, is today in the substance, and the new script is solid, so you it in your imagination, futuristic, so a lot of Marvel comics. Also, it is really a pleasure to recite it, with Fassbender and your works cited. Our a team game.

What is the Actresses admired?
Jodie Foster, I love Lena Dunham, the writer and producer, I would like to be elected, the by Katherine Bigelow. Finally, it is not a woman, I’m ready to Use for any movie with Clint Eastwood, in my opinion, a true heir of the cinema. Clint was never afraid of the change of a film success in small independent films: a great thing, a lesson for many.

Why is the actress?
It would be better to say, “an actress”, which also explains my answer and my calling. At home and in the school allestivo shows and the great joy of my work is to study a character and then applicarmici in everything. I confess – I say it again and again, they were “hooked” with the commitment of the actress.

To see why, in your opinion, the young people get lost in the crowd, films from the comics?
Stimulate the imagination, make the short holiday and are usually very well done, also thanks to new technologies. Anyone who denies that is in bad faith. I am a young people, the sick, the good movies, but I also have other obligations. My Foundation, for example, visits to the children in the hospital, the reading of screenplays and books, the exercises in the gym and the friendship with many of the actors, especially Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pratt. I think it’s good with the actors who play super-heroes, the silly around on set, you work hard and you have tried, for the good performance of the film, a “mood” positive.

What are the characteristics of this last are X-Men?
The script fails completely on the search for a new order for humanity, against every enemy, and the danger of extinction of the people. There are a lot of surprises.

What surprised you in the world of today?
The gossip and falsehood. People work, have families, very often fathers and mothers of difficulties, both of you, the time that remains is little. However, the gossip – they might serve as a distraction – rife everywhere.

Forbidden pleasures?
I don’t, I have the simple pleasures like. To sleep, choose a restaurant with friends, life with a swing, listening to music, all kinds…

He read comics, the girl?
I leafed through it I loved the adventures of Mickey mouse, Goofy and company.

The knights of X-Men Apocalypse: try to save the world. What could be improved?
The strength and determination of women, I trust Hillary Clinton.

It is the testimonial of a large “maison”. This aspect of esteem like?
Serious, serious in this commitment, and each page of, say, advertising, it is a job for me, and many others. You are seriously pulling in my responsibility for this task, exactly as if I have learned to bow for my Katniss.

With whom would you like to pray?
With Jeff Bridges, one day I would like to present, with Marion Cotillard and I make the decisions, the Blanchett of Cate admire, the so different, and the style of Laura Linney. Girlfriend, the of different actors, especially Emma Stone are. Today, the young are very good Actresses, I’m ready, the friendship and cooperation with them.

Lives in Los Angeles. In what other city would you like to live?
If I discover in the romantic Paris, me always full of energy in London.

It is true that he asked to keep his parents, in the custody of his Oscar win?
Very true, also because it makes me happy when I go home to Missouri to see where to return, always with joy, my mother, or on the table of my father in the kitchen.