Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande for Kamala Harris, candidate for US


While the popstar Italian wave their arms screaming “talk to us about Bibbiano“, joining the chorus of protests and politicized in the United States the pop divas are lined up in favor of candidates who would like to in a presidential run 2020: Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande they did it together, and openly, attending an evening in honor of Kamala Harris.

The three popstars have announced their support to this candidate democratic that many indicate as the probable revelation of the primaries of the party for the conquest of the coveted nomination in the next presidential election.

Senator of California, where the last surveys the damage in the comeback compared to the other candidate in the primaries, the former vice-president, Joe Biden, is a woman of color, of indian descent and a jamaican, a member of the more progressive wing of the Democratic party, civil rights activist. He has already played the role of the attorney general of California, and was the second african-american woman in the history of the Country to play in that position. Her myth is Martin Luther King and his campaign is all centered on the themes of anti-racism, the fight against social inequalities and gender disparities. A portrait encouraging (certainly more than the previous challenger to Clinton) for a likely candidate for the presidency, and especially of opposition to the conservatism of Trump.

The event in question – a collection of funds to finance the campaign of the Harris – was organized by the manager and record producer Scooter Braun and his wife, Yael, and was held in their home, where more than 100 people gathered to show their support for the candidate in the primaries. Braun is the manager of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovatoin addition to that of Justin Bieber and many others.

The accessions that have made the most noise are certainly those of Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande. Here they are in a photo while posing next to Harris.

The diffusion of the news on the network had, however, also a backlash to the Harris: many have refused to accept funding collected from a “bully and a misogynist” such as Braun, whose feud with Taylor Swift to a matter of author’s rights has earned him a bad reputation in the jet set.

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