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Surprise: RaiPlay it is not only the platform to replicate the content already seen on the channels of the public service, but also includes films that are to discover true gems, including some movie sexy.

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We have for you three movies sexy, it is the explicit appeal, for the environment or for simple and subtle suggestion.


Saviour, Sicilian immigrants in the United States, a cobbler and Shoe Shine service, after thirty years back in Sicily. Again with a lot of money and with the desire to find a wife. The hospitality offer, and his brother Raffaele and his wife Rosa, however, met the Savior, the bursting of Mariuccia is. To satisfy tacitly agree with the mother, the girl of erotic games uncle fit only for spillargli a little bit of money.
Erotic Comedy from 1974, directed by Salvatore Samperi but due to his help Director Alfredo Malfatti, to contractual disputes, The defeat, played the great Domenico Modugno, here in the part of the “old vicious circle of” Savior Cannavone. In the role of mischievous Mariuccia it years of a young Eleonora Giorgi, just 21, as his character.

Don Jon

Don Jon Joseph Gordon-Levitt trained in the gym

Don Jon Joseph Gordon-Levitt trained in the gym

Jon Martello is a Don Giovanni is modern, has great success with women, but it is also obsessed with the porn. Tired of his constant discontent, embarks on a journey, in the hope of a sex life, pleasing; but the journey is to transform you, through the encounter with two different women.
Comedy directed and played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, that he at his side as co-protagonists, Scarlett Johanssonin the role of Barbara, and Julianne Moore and in a more seductive and Mature Esther.

Childhood, vocation, and first experiences of Giacomo Casanova, veneziano

The son of the actor, the small Giacomo Casanova, after his father’s death, is to him. from the mother to liberate eager to him, the protection of a nobleman so stingy, how full of yourself Studies sent in Padua, Giacomo, malnourished and in poor housed, will be taken benvolere and housed in the house of Don Gozzi, a priest, and generous, but unyielding and strict, the views of the living intelligence of the child, the, as the only means to a path between the powerful, the ecclesiastical studies. The boy James, but loses the head for a Countess, and, as soon as you leave the religious life, which includes little budget, which is his true vocation, the love.
In 1969, Luigi Comencini directs a young Leonard Whiting, a trip to the youth of the man made famous by the own actions of erotic desire par excellence: Giacomo Casanova. Feelings and history, the passion of the flesh, but the fascination of the physical love is not the erotic self?