Netflix unveils first trailer for “3 meters above the sky” it Premieres in April!


Netflix launched the first trailer of their new series, “Summertime”or “To 3 meters above the sky” as will be to call in Mexico and Latin america, whose premiere is scheduled for April of this year.

Netflix: debuts first trailer of “3 meters above the sky” it Premieres in April!

“3 meters above the sky” comes to Netflix

The series produced by Netflix Italyis based on the books of Federico Moccia, “Three meters above the sky”, “I feel like it” and “Three Times Thou”, which will feature the actors of Italian origin, Ludovico Tersigni and Coco Rebecca Edogamhe.

‘Summertime’ is “a modern love story, set during the summer, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea”, according to the synopsis of the official new series from Netflix.

“Three meters above the sky” tells the story of the romance between Summer, a girl determined to be herself and stand out from the majority and Alessandro, a rebel who was champion of the competences of bikes.

“Three meters above the sky” on Netflix

The new adaptation of “three meters above the sky” produced by Netflix consists of eight episodes in its first season which will be premiered on 29th of April of this year.

Starring Ludovico Tersigni as Alessandro and Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer, in the debut screen actress of Italian origin.

The cast of “Summertime”, known as “three meters above the sky” in Spanish, is completed by Andrea Lattanzi, as Dario; Amanda Bell, as Sofia; Giovanni Maini, as Edo; and Alice Ann Edogamhe, such as Blue.

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The film version of “three meters above the sky”, released in 2010, won a Goya award for Best Adapted Screenplay.