“Oh, the package is huge!” Jorge Javier Vázquez and Spain ¡lo and behold! with this famous


Jorge Javier Vázquez

March 22, 2020
(11:17 CET)

Finally a good news for Jorge Javier Vázquez when you get home. The presenter what is really going wrong for the situation that is gripping the country. Even, the Catalan has had to put aside the press of the heart to cope with the present, the coronavirus. During these days the captain is a table of experts. The situation in Spain is not anything hopeful, it is not believed that it will get better in a few days. According to Pedro Sanchez in his last appearance what’s going to get worse and you must be prepared, anyway you are not going to harden, for the moment, the restrictions.

After so much bad news at times also like a bit of humor to cope with the situation. During these nine days of confinement, the citizens have shown their creativity and imagination to support this closure. Many make you laugh in social networks with videos very original and they come up with a thousand and one to entertain.

Up to the famous recite plays or concerts from your balcony, as is the case of Ruth Lorenzo. The last to give the bell has been Paco León. The actor of Aida have been downloaded Tik Tok, the most widely used application during this confinement. In it you can create funny videos with songs viral.

Paco León lump The first video of Paco León on the application has been the most commented and viewed of the day. It has been viralizado in minutes. The artist appeared in the kitchen of his home, dancing with a sweatpants and a sweater, unbuttoned, leaving his torso moreno and lean in the open. But best of all is the lump that I watched him in the pants. Or Mario Casas. Paco León has always made it clear that their private parts are very large and feel very satisfied by it. Jorge Javier Vazquez has been left without speech. Don’t stop watching the dance.