Photo of very bad taste. Mila Ximénez and Spain embarrassed with this star of Telecinco


March 23, 2020
(14:10 CET)

There are certain celebrities in Spain that they have a certain ability to put foot to the bottom in the worst possible situations. In this case there has been another that Sofia Suescunone of the partners most controversial of Telecinco that is, in social networks, the has been involved. But well.

So much that even many of his fellow string like Mila Ximénez, among many others, are embarrassed. And no, we’re not talking about one of those pictures in which Sofia boasts “tipazo” and that leaves very very little to the imagination.

The photo of Sofia Suescun

We refer to your latest posting. In it we see a table full of seafood, a couple of glasses of white wine and, in the mirror, Sofia and her partner in a very loving attitude. The text that accompanies the image is not which has been very successful either: “For my as if it were eternal, the quarantine say” says Sofia.

And of course, taking into account the one that is falling in Spain with the coronavirus, many have been more than outraged with the star of Telecinco by this publication of so tasteless and so out of place.

The comments in this regard have multiplied: “I Wish more and more conscious of class after this. Ragtag” “How can you say this when there are people dying. How you are able to say those words I hope a family member of yours to see is the circumstances that many spaniards are, and have if you say the same thing”, “You can’t be more irresponsible and less shame. People dying and suffering losses. While you’re with your partner strapped to your side you are able to say those words” or “Of truth that every day you take it less. A little bit of respect to people who are sick in hospitals, or is dying!” are just some of the many comments in this regard.

Let’s see if in the next publication of the controversial collaborator follows this way or not. If what you wanted was impact, and since then has had it. Yes, the sticks that have fallen (and still falling) is of fireworks.