Shrek says goodbye to the catalog of Netflix


In the social networks has begun to circulate a rumor that ensures that Netflix the decision has been made check out their catalog four of the films that make up the saga of Shrek and apparently this news has caused the anger of the users, those who consider themselves big fans of the adventures of the ogre green, and their friends.

It all started this morning when users of social networks noticed that Shrek, popular series of films created by Dreamworks Animationhad become a trend, but this happened because the rumour was that Netflix I had decided to remove it from your catalog at the beginning of the next month of April.

Immediately fans of the movies Shrek they used their social networks to voice their anger and disapproval at this decision that the company of Netflix had taken, as they believe that it is the best content that you can enjoy in your catalog.

Shrek will say goodbye to Netflix

The reason for this supposed decision is due to Disney+ has decided to include the movies of Shrek in his product and for that reason is that Netflix would be forced to remove them to avoid having problems with the competition even if this situation has caused a bit of confusion among the users.

Shrek says goodbye to the catalog of Netflix.

This rumor gained force after it was disclosed that Netflix if you remove the movies Shrek but in the catalog that is available to users in Australia and New Zealand, though you still need to confirm if this decision will also be applied in Latin america.

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Shrek says goodbye to the catalog of Netflix.

Until the moment Netflix has not commented about this controversial decision that has caused sadness among fans of Shrek but in what is known if the film will continue or not available in the catalog of the platform, it will be best that you take advantage of this quarantine to enjoy once again the adventures of the ogre green, and their amigues.

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