Small Giants: nicknamed “Speck” to JuanPa Zurita


Small Giants USES has started, And although for the moment only what you can see united States for the signal Univisionwe have been able to see through the magic of social networks a few moments worthy of remembering as the return of Giovanni, big winner of small giants 2019, and that it has returned to the stage to give the welcome to Juanpa Zurita.

The innocence of Giovanni what did you call him John “speck” as a play on words with the name of the artist, and beyond take it in a bad wave, JuanPa Zurita he received the nickname with great pride, and said that his name will be as judge.

The laughs were not lacking after the comment of Giovanni, and Galilea Montijo assured that Sunday to Sunday will present to Juanpa Zurita as the “judge ” speck”, and the video for Giovanni by calling the “Speck” to JuanPa Zurita has begun to viralizarse in the networks.

JuanPa Zurita made his debut as a Judge

The arrival of JuanPa Zurita Small Giants has drawn a lot of attention, because in the beginning he did not want to participate in the program, so that said accept only if Galilea Montijo was pulled from an airplane in parachute Small Giants: nicknamed “Speck” to JuanPa Zurita, thing that you thought never would happen.

Galilea Montijo determined that JuanPa Zurita is judge in the program, the host of the program Today and Small Giants accepted the challenge, and jumped out of a plane, its nearly 50 years of age.

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However, the years passed bill Galilea Montijo, as the land is lowered pressure, and even fainted, however, it was only a scare, momentary, as the driver reacted instantly.

The audacity of Galilea Montijo made it possible for JuanPa Zurita today is as a jury of Small Giants, and we have been given to him by the moment, “John Speck”.