Sophie Turner is critical of Evangeline Lilly for refusing to do quarantine


Messages from celebrities encouraging people to keep the isolation to curb the spread of the coronavirus are constants. However, actress Evangeline Lilly (‘Lost’) he said in response to a comment on his instagram that “some people value their lives over freedom, others value freedom above their lives”. Lilly had shared in a publication that she and her children were not fulfilling the insulation. Well, Sophie Turner has taken a step to the front to remove your message.

During a direct in your account of Instagram with her husband Joe Jonas, the actress of ‘Game of Thrones’ criticizes the irresponsibility that supposed to be maintaining contact with the people during this health crisis: “Remain within. Do not be stupid, although you’d rather your freedom before you do your health? I don’t give a fuck your freedom. You could be infecting other vulnerable people around you when you do this. So do not go outside, people. It is not cool, is not large and is not smart”.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Although it makes no mention of the actress ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ directly, yes use their exact words. A lot of people also attribute that Turner criticizes Vanessa Hudgens for his insensitive statements about deaths caused by coronavirus.

The case is that we’ve been equally surprised that Joe Jonas and we agree with the message that sends Turner: STAY AT HOME. We hope you will make more direct and give us more reviews like this, as they also make it very fun. Even with a filter that deforms the face, the message does not lose seriousness.

Famous anti-virus

Our favorite artists have supported the message of staying isolated even without symptoms or without restrictions in their countries. We see that the majority are in complete agreement on this, but even so his publications in social networks have angered the people.

Being famous as a very high economic level, people have not been well received that his only way of supporting the end of the pandemic is to be singing ‘Imagine’, or sharing videos of their huge mansions, instead of donating money to the research or to the purchase of medical resources. One of the artists who have committed to help is Britney Spears: “Whether it’s for food or to pay for the diapers of your child, send me a private message and I will help you”.

Another of the serious issues he has highlighted in an article in the New York Times. Many famous and rich people have tested positive in the test for the coronavirus without having any symptoms. This implies that the access to the limited tests is not the right one, as access before the most powerful and not the most in need of assistance. The actor and model Nyle DiMarco has been reported to have had symptoms of the COVID-19 but as it is not a person of risk decided to refuse to take the test. He did this because the tests in the united States are very limited.