Terrible. Rocío Carrasco is frost. Confession tough. Last time


Rocío Carrasco

March 22, 2020
(11:00 CET)

Rocío Carrasco, and the rest of viewers are falling of a stone to find to Spray Flowers. Thanks to his participation on Survivor 2020 is showing its most intimate and personal. Last week, when I reported the current situation of the country and from all over the planet, the contestant could not help but to melt in tears for not being able to have news of her mother, who does not maintain a good relationship, but despite this still love. Some viewers think that it is only a strategy, but others come in Spray Flowers a good person.

For Dew Flowers the family is very important and by their quarrels with Rocío Carrasco has not gone well at all. Thankfully, his father has always been a shoulder to cry on, but also their brothers and sisters. “I have never separated from my family”, said very affected.

She is the eldest of three brothers. David and Lola are their favorite people. David is the other son of Rocío Carrasco and Lola is the daughter who had Antonio David with Olga, his current partner. It is she who has sent you a beautiful message.Has been for one of the questions ‘The Plan of the Gods’, where the group of the servants has had to respond to the question “What is the most positive of your life?”.

Dew Flowers anger in Survivors

For her, the most beautiful moment of his life is the arrival of his sister Lola, hence the affection that he feels for the partner of his father. “The birth of my sister Lola was a very positive in my life, came at a crucial time in my life and pulled me out of the depths and a hole in which was inserted”.

“Lola told me that either I was going so far away, and he said yes, and for three months. The poor would not stop crying”told looking forward to returning to hug her.