The cuban Envee dazzles Luis Fonsi with his interpretation of “The cat”, of Rocío Durcal


Another cuban managed to sneak in the second edition of The Voice US, also came in his hometown of Karelia Letsos, Emily Piriz, Geissie Torres, Brian Cross and Albin St. Rose, who already tried his luck in the first season of the contest of Telemundo.

It is the young cuban lady Envee, who chose a powerful theme of the deceased Rocío Durcal to face auditions blindly and achieve a foothold in the contest, in any of the teams led by Alejandra Guzmán, Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives and Wisin.

Envee interpreted The cat under the rain and managed to spin the chair of the interpreter Slowly, that was entranced by her voice and happy to add it to your computer.

The cuban impressed coaches with your attitude and your energy, although not turned to him during the hearing.

“I want to tell you something, I heard a voice very mature and very classic and I love that you have that respect for the classics, in the history of the music,” said Luis Fonsi, who also took the stage to give her a flower.

“Envee came with an energy super-contagious, it has a look that I love, very Hollywood, is a very important voice for my team,” added the puerto rican.

Envee will now have to further prove their talent and mettle in the round of battles, to move on to the semi-finals of the competition and be closer to the goal.

The cuban Karelia Letsos managed to spin the chair of the four coaches with her powerful interpretation of the joyful theme Sound the drumspopularized by Laritza Bacallao, and went to the team of Wisin

The 26-year-old, who currently lives in Ontario and is married to a canadian of Greek origin, was born in an artistic family. His mother is a singer and she was his mentor, and his father was a music producer.

Geissie Torres, 31, and Emily Piriz, of 23, selected topics in English to demonstrate their talent and versatility, and were the teams of Wisin and Fonsi, respectively.

Brian Cruz also managed to turn the four chairs with the theme What is wrongand joined the list of contestants on the team Fonsi.

Geissie Towers and Albin St. Rose starred in one of the battles, full of energy, the new edition of The Voice US, which in the previous season had of finalists to the cuban Dunia Ojeda and Genesis Diaz, to the rhythm of salsa.