The disease that Cristina Pedroche (“serious”) suffering in secret


cristina pedroche crying

March 22, 2020
(10:35 CET)

Cristina Pedroche does not fail to show its elasticity in social networks. The collaborator of Zapeando, who returned to the program this Monday but from his home, shows his day-to-day of confinement. Every day she does her yoga exercises at home, although this time without her coach. It also makes bike and helps her husband to cook. This weekend we have marked a rich dish of pottage of chickpeas with potatoes and quail. Each time you open the Instagram of the vallecana makes us the mouth water.

Precisely Cristina Pedroche fond of yoga for a reason. It is amazing the capacity of Cristina Pedroche, to see her always with a smile from ear to ear. And don’t say because of the endless criticism that you receive every day for every thing he says or does. On a visit to The Nest revealed their biggest health problem. “I have polycystic ovaries, it really hurts my gut and I am very bad when I have the rule,” he told Pablo Motos. To combat these ailments, the contributor is fond of yoga.

The Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI) ensures that the polycystic ovaries are a condition is “very common” among the female population and it is an increase of the size of these glands and they have a few follicles of larger size than when they are at rest. The polycystic ovaries do not means you have cysts on ovaries and you don’t have to do with the polycystic ovarian syndrome, an endocrine disorder that is often accompanied by obesity, rules, irregular, and an increase in male hormones.

Many of the people who have this problem wonder if it affects the time to be mothers. The experts make it clear that you can have only mild problems when there are some difficulty in ovulation.

Cristina Pedroche has always spoken of the rule-of-factly

Cristina has always been characterized by talk about any subject without any sort of tapujo. Now speaking up for the rule. Something you have wanted to normalize through its last publication. This monthly visit is one of the worst moments of the women. Headache, bloating, bad to be general.

Cristina Pedroche he has wanted to make it clear in their social networks. “I’ve done a lot of photos but I decided to upload this because I think that is the one that most represents me today. It really hurts the gut by the rule, and I am not wanting anything, well of ice-cream and chocolate, yes. I see myself very ugly, swollen… Ayyy…all months the same”, wrote in their social networks.

The followers of the collaborator have not stopped commenting on the publication, and not precisely with very positive feedback. “Not normalicemos the pain of rule. Doesn’t have to hurt. And if it hurts, bothers or disabled, is that something is not going well in our body, so there is to go immediately to the gynecologist. It can be the consequence of a possible endometriosis”, she explained one of her followers.

“Of course that hurts a lot! And the head also hurts. Yippee, Cristina! What is that normalize is real, and what is real is that the rule affects us,” said another supporting it.

This time, Cristina Pedroche was not smiling. Dressed with a style very Pilar Rubio. At the entrance of the studios with the serious face. Want to see more dances Pedroche.