The infanta Cristina and him! Meeting secrets behind the backs of Iñaki Urdangarín


March 23, 2020
(12:45 CET)

It is no secret that the Queen Letizia is a woman with a strong character. A person “demanding” and “intransigent”, and that in the Royal House know as spend. Even he would have cost any other discussion with the King Felipe VI.

Differences of opinions that mark very well the profile of the people who are not welcome in the family circle for Letizia and what yes. And in the first list there is a name very close to the monarch that he is very hurt.

Cristina is banned

This is the infanta Cristinawith that Felipe always maintained a very close relationship. Was with the that the Head of State exchanged further confidences. Its ally in the Royal Family.

Iñaki Urdangarin and the infanta Cristina on arrival at the trial.

A Cristina to which, to the relief of Letizia, was cut from the Royal Family after the unconditional support that he gave Iñaki Urdangarin when the ex-player of handball was sentenced by the case Nóos.

Back to average

Years later the child was readmitted to the Royal House. It was in the second half of the 2018as we saw in the photograph of the family in the 80th birthday of Sofia. Per or the ‘return’ of Cristina the environment noble is more of face to the gallery. And that is only would be permitted to attend meetings unavoidable, as was for example the funeral of the infanta Pilar, sister of Juan Carlos I and the aunt of Cristina.

Result of image of the 80 of sofia

But eye, because this would not have been the only meeting of the daughter of the emeritus Dona Sofia with his brother Felipe VI. And one of them would have been very recent.

The request of Cristina, Felipe VI

Explain from the environment Zarzuela in it, Cristina would have asked Felipe that will reduce tensions and soften the landscape before the pandemic coronavirus stick the outbreak of the last days.

And not only that. Cristina is aware that their parents Juan Carlos and Sofia are patients at risk and would not want to be separated from their parents in case of contagiaran. In such a case, he has asked that we lift the ban. Because the spread could be lethal to the emeritus, and the last thing you want to the princess is to move away from their parents, which could be his last days.