The rice that you use in the paella is a bomb for your health: discovered this


rice paella

March 22, 2020
(09:41 CET)

The rice is a food that is critically historic in the daily life. Once that was discovered, it was growing in each country. In addition, there are multiple types according to their composition, size, and color. One of the most used is the rice for the paella, which is putting your health at risk, you’ll see why.

It is composed mainly of starch, which in many cases is extracted to be exploited by large industries in the creation of various products. It also contains calories, low presence of fats, potassium, magnesium, iron and various vitamins.

However, the bomba rice is the preferred one for the most delicious preparations of paella. It is round and very small, measuring between 5 and 6 millimeters. It is ideal because it absorbs more of the broth, which grows well enough without getting to split. Another plus point is that it is considered economic. Although, as they say “The cheap comes out expensive”. And is that recent investigations revealed the presence of arsenic that intoxicates the human body.


The toxicity of the rice for the paella

The arsenic is part of the earth, therefore, it is common to find in certain foods, such as rice. It is considered a semimetal, however, does not mean that it is good for the consumer. It is used a lot for the creation of fireworks, it also is in the process of the manufacture of glass, and, previously, was used as an insecticide.

What is certain is that, excessive amounts of this chemical compound both in air and in water, can cause death.

Although the European Union regulates the amount of arsenic that may be contained in the food, there are those who propose solutions to better ensure public health. It is the case of Marián Garcíaa boticaria that urges soak the rice for several hours before cooking. This way, you will have full security that the rice will not cause any harm. It is always better to prevent than to regret.