The silence of Ana Obregon before this blood-chilling to the whole of Spain


March 23, 2020
(13:40 CET)

Álex Lequio and Ana Obregon should be more united than ever to face a new challenge in the episode more hard of their lives. Just in the third confrontation of his sickness, the employer and the actress is faced with the coronavirus, as the rest of the citizens, although theirs is even worse.

Public health is on the brink of collapse. Spain has become the third country with the most infections by coronaviruses above Iran and very close to China. A total of 30,000 infections and 2.188 deaths in ten days of quarantine. Although, for the moment, the country worst carries is Italy.

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Because of the coronavirus, the treatment of Álex Lequio that they would start these weeks could be delayed. The entrepreneur, like all spaniards, it must stay confined at home during at least 15 days in which it has been decreed a state of alarm. Alex is one of the people with a higher risk of having a disease. Therefore, your treatment, although this is not the right thing must be delayed. Mother and son are very worried because every minute counts in this race.

Álex Lequio and Ana Obregon have not done any posting on your social networks, or even the entrepreneur who is very dedicated to the causes of solidarity. It seems that this new assault on the disease is going to be harder than anticipated, and neither mother and son are eager to use their accounts of Instagram.

Before confinement were seen in Barcelona, but it is unknown whether it will continue your active course of treatment or come to a standstill until further notice. It is also unknown whether they have returned to Madrid to spend their isolation or remain in any house of Barcelona. Keep in mind that all the hotels and restaurants all over Spain remain completely closed, so it is very likely that you have had to go back to Madrid. Without doubt are living a bad moment.