the total figure amounts to 40


The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) Cuba reported on Monday that have already registered five new cases of infection in the country, bringing the total number to 40.

The affections are a Russian citizen, 45 years of age who arrived in the country on the 12th of march from France, and that his state of health is “critical stable”.

Data from the coronavirus in Cuba / MINSAP

Day 20 began with symptoms and the next day he was transferred by the authorities of the hotel where he was staying to the main Clinic “Cira García”, since it was referred to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí (IPK). In this institution is confirmed positive COVID-19. Your state of health is critical stable.

The other affected is a cuban woman of 91 years of age with residence in the municipality Square of the Revolution, province of Havana. I was admitted in the Hospital “Luis Díaz Soto” after presenting symptoms. He had the relevant studies and was found to be positive. Is in a stable state.

There are also two other cuban citizens infected, one of 57 years and resident in the municipality of Banes, Holguín province. This man arrived in cuba on 16 march from Spain, and recorded respiratory problems. He was transferred to the Hospital “Fermin Valdez Dominguez”, where it was ingresad the early morning of day 20. In stable and presents satisfactory progress so far.

The other affected is a man of 31 years old, who lives in the municipality of Camajuaní, in the province Villa Clara. According to the MINSAP, your state of health is stable and progressing well. Arrived on the Island last march 14, from Spain, and presented the first symptoms on day 19. That same day he was referred and admitted to the Hospital, “Manuel Piti Fajardo” of the city of Santa Clara.

The new list of affected the complete a French citizen 57 years of age, who came to Cuba on the 9th of march from the territory of gaul. He started with symptoms on the 17th and consulted with health care institutions of the municipality of Santa Clara on the 19th.

Finally he was admitted to the Hospital, “Manuel Piti Fajardo”, where even the date is in a satisfactory outcome.

The Sunday in the previous report, the health authorities reported that among those affected by the pandemic is a cuban child of 18 months. The child arrived in the cuban territory from Madrid last march 17, on a trip he made with his mother, a young cuban 19-year-old also gave positive evidence of COVID-19.

Despite the spread of this disease, on Sunday The streets of Havana were full of people. An image that contrasts with the avenues deserted that you can see in the european cities where governments have asked the citizens to remain at home to prevent further infections.

Last Friday the Government of Cuba announced the closure of borders before the advance of the disease, a measure that many cubans had asked for repeatedly.

The border closure, which comes into force this Tuesday, as reported by the leader Miguel Díaz-Canel in the television program Round Table.

“The first measure that we want to tell is that we’re going to regulate the entry by the borders of the country. We’re going to make a regulation of entry to the country, which allows us to cut continue entering cases, and focus then on discover more what you should be in the country, and be able to act efficiently and with that cut the transmission,” he said.

For its part, the Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, he argued that this was a decision that had not been neither hasty nor improvised, but they had been studying.