To see 5 movies free of charge on TIMVISION, from Need for speed to Passengers


Love story of ambience, science fiction, atypical monster movie, great cult cinema, sci-fi, adrenaline-pumping action on four wheels, and a remake of the classic epic movie. We continue our journey on the discovery of the title on TIMVISION (the service is free up to the next 15. april, with the initiative of solidarity Digitalwe focus on this occasion on the romantic journey of interstellar Passengers on the crazy Blockbuster with Anne Hathawaythe exciting Starship Troopers – infantry-room of Paul Verhoeventhe adaptation to the big screen of the video game Need for Speed and new version of Conan the Barbarian with star Jason Momoa.


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are the protagonists of an adventure with high-riskin the role of Aurora and Jim are in the journey in cryo-sleep aboard a space ship, brings you to a new life on a distant planet. The mission takes an unexpected turn when the capsule of it, a malfunction in the Wake of the nineties, before you arrive at your destination. The man who does not change, only the rest of your life, choose your Aurora as a companion and wakes up, without his knowledge, from the winter sleep. Unique beings with consciousness of the vessel, to discover both that the agent itself is in great danger and with 5000 life the rest of the passengers in the dance, you need to search for a solution before it is too late.

The Norwegian Director Morten Tyldum signature of a sci-fi ambitious but still capable, but to suggest that the horns within two hours of vision-good thinking. The film lives suspended in a type of environment, with drama and romance, combine in the subtext of the science fiction. Vague echoes Solaris To watch (1972) and to come to a narrative not equal to,, simple, to the consumption of emotions. There are of course prototypes, the best, but Passengers know how entertaining the large audience many thanks to charisma and sex appeal of its protagonist.


Gloria is in the midst of a difficult time, both in the professional, the private and sfrattata of the apartment where she lived with her fiance Tim, he decides, again in the birth house, where she grew up in a small town of the province. Here, Oscar finds his childhood friend now the owner of a bar, in the the assumes as a waitress. A few days later, a giant monster makes its appearance in far away Seoul and in the course of the sightings glory is understood to be connected, in any way the huge creature.
Between guilt and a secret that is in the past, the girl difficult decisions must meet and to tackle a dangerous and unexpected enemy.

The Spanish Director Nacho Vigalondoto use always ready sci-fi and cinema-the genre to ask more interesting questions, with realized Colossal monster-movie-atypical the moves on the tones of a Comedy, dramatic, hybridized to the rules of the typical Japanese kaiju. A film that combines fun and excitement with simplicity, since they also offer special effects, good quality, and at the end, almost epic. Anne Hathaway is absolutely perfect, dealing with character, complex, with the occurrence of immediate empathy.

Starship Troopers – infantry-room

In XXIII century, the earth is full of the phase of the colonization of space. The armed forces of the planet, during their travels in the galaxies, you will encounter a nasty race aracnoide, originally from the barren planet Klendathu. The insects invade neighboring planets plasma launches asteroid-ne waves of gigantic your own country, the life, due to losses in the millions of people. Johnny Rico, a soldier of the infantry, he lost his family in the attack, he is in the middle of the conflict, along with his girlfriend Carmen and her friend Dizzy, the always fall in love with him.
But the aliens are always smarter and more dangerous, leading to a considerable number of victims in the ranks of the army, spatial and forces the army to a last, desperate move for survival.

At the end of the 90s Paul Verhoeven signing a blockbuster onlywhat has you. with your hands full of the b-movie is a spectacular presentation of offer, spiced up with a sharp satire militaresca Two hours of absolute fun, the hide thought-provoking and scathing criticism of the American intervention behind the apparent in-vehicle entertainment. The good special effects and a story that simple, but concisepopulated by characters, which is comfortable to have made it to the stage and/or caricatured, is the film a real cult for the movie lovers of science fiction and not only.

Need for Speed

Tobey Marshall is a mechanic and a racing driver, is stuck for a crime he did not commit and is sentenced to spend two years behind bars. Finished your sentence is to serve, Tobey now has only one goal: revenge on the man responsible for his unjust imprisonment, i.e., the former NASCAR pilot Dino Brewster. Tobey knows well that to have to in order to defeat her nemesis in a race to the last breath, the De Leon, the world of illegal street racing.
To reach in time to the fateful showdown, the protagonist, and against every speed limit on an epic journey, on the road through the Usa.

The film adaptation of the racing game cult, Need for Speed makes her a style of the adrenaline, and she quickly took hand-in-hand from the original source, and makes for a pleasant show theme. An action divided between feeling dull and easily that they have more ideas in convincing interpretations of the antagonists, Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper.

Conan the Barbarian

Conan, the mighty heritage of a fair, stem, barbara, massacred tyrant of a cruel. To preserve Salvatosi on the verge of extinction and votatosi of revenge, the guy is always in defense of the weak, by tormented about the teachings, the warriors received in his childhood. During his journey, Conan manages to find out the identity of his arch-Nemesis, the opposite of the epithet of Khalar Zym, and he begins his mission, for which you pay the ruthless conqueror.

The classic direct in 1982 by John flood and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the history of the cinema epic. The latest remake looks the same massive Jason Momoa in the role of a fearless protagonistin an update shows, to entertain different boundaries, but still, for a night out without a big claims.
The epic of the original is dull, but the exciting action sequences and a proper management of the atmosphere guarantee a pleasant, fun themeat least for fans of the iconic character of the defects, the ideas of interest.