Warner Bros. Wants Chris Hemsworth to enter the DCEU it


In accordance with the half We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. Is in search of new stars to enter into the Universe-Extended DC (DCEU in English). The company wants to be able to renew their stories of superheroes to have the same success that it has had the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU), by which, they want that the actor Chris Hemsworth join its ranks, whatever the cost.

Let us remember that australian actor of 36 years, Chris Hemsworth has triumphed in the MCU for his role as Thor, the God of Thunder. Thanks to these tapes, Chris has increased his popularity among the public; thus, Warner believes that if the interpreter enters the DCEU they will be able to get a lot more audience.

Although, for the moment, Chris Hemsworth does not appear to be in plans to leave Marvel Studios, especially because in 2021 will premiere the fourth part of the movie of your superhero, “Thor: Love and Thunder”. However, the medium stated that the executives of Warner Bros. Are already in search of to offer you a good offer to the actor to consider change of company.

The character of Chris Hemsworth in DCEU

According to We Got This Covered, if Chris Hemsworth decides to accept enters the DC Universe, he could play the role of Ted Kord, the other incarnation of Blue Beetle. This character has had a lot of impact on the comics of DC, for which Warner considers that it would be a good role for Chris in case you accept.

Ted Kord, the second incarnation of Blue Beetle/Photo by: CBR

Ted Kord, the second incarnation of Blue Beetle/Photo by: CBR

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So far, Chris continues to show very interested in continuing working for Marvel Studios, especially because his character Thor is one of the most beloved by Marvel fans. “Thor’s Love and Thunder” will be the last movie of phase 4 of the MCU, and although it is not known if there will be a fifth tape or what will happen with the character, the fans would be very surprised to see Chris in the DCEU. Would it be a betrayal?