“We will deliver”, the hymn to overcome the sadness during the quarantine period for coronavirus in Spain


The actress and Spanish singer Lucia Gilknown for her participation in the contest Your face is familiar to me, has filled the nets of hope and love with your theme We will provide, a balm that heals the desolation and looking for that all spaniards feel supported during the difficult quarantine to which they are subjected by the coronavirusand that has been extended another 15 days.

“I composed this song (with an edition of a quarantine, flip) the victim of the-hour enclosed. For us and for those we are caring for. This is the country that I like. The board to fight without weapons, having fun is encouraged, wants, it supports… I feel proud and I’m convinced that soon we will leave this. We can only hope,” wrote the artist next to the video on your YouTube channel.

The song is also specially dedicated to “the handful of brave, that today neither will sleep”, the medical staff who are giving all your effort to combat this terrible situation, and we thank and applaud from balconies, terraces and windows in all of Spain.

The clip is shaped by moving images of how life is now for millions of people who are in quarantine, and it also encourages people of all countries who are experiencing the crisis of health for the coronavirus to stay in their houses to be able to stop the spread as soon as possible.

In a few hours, the video went viral, it crossed the borders of spain and is touring the world, bringing a beautiful and hopeful message, full of fresh water in the middle of the desert, thousands of users have thanked in the networks.

Since the viídeo is travelling through the network, the voice of Lucía Gil has been confused by thousands of users with the singer of the group La Oreja de Van Gogh. To the root of the misunderstanding, the vocalist of the group, Leire Martinez, made it clear in their stories of Instagram that it’s not about her.

“It is not us, we are not the Van Gogh’s Ear, is the wonderful Lucia Gil who has made a song great and super nice and full of good energy and a lot of encouragement. There is that to clarify, we are not,” wrote the singer.

Spain records more than 28 thousand 700 cases of coronavirus, and more than a thousand 700 deaths. The country is in a state of “General Alarm”, from 15 days ago and will continue until after easter, that is to say, after the first fortnight of April next.

Below, we reproduce the lyrics of this beautiful song that is embracing hearts around the world:

Days sad, we find it hard to be quite alone,

we seek a thousand ways to overcome the stupidity.

Months grey, it’s time to hide,

maybe it’s the way to find us again.

But they are 8 and have come to applaud your window,

I want to cry.

To see us from far away as united states, pushing the same site

there’s just a little more.

We will get together, we will provide,

coffee remains our bar.

To break this meter of distance between you and me,

there will no longer be a screen between the two.

Now is the time to think and be patient,

more trust in people, to help others.

Meanwhile others are taking care of the patients,

a handful of brave today, nor will sleep.