What Silvia Pinal is suffering from Alzheimer’s? she clarifies this controversy


Some months ago, the first mexican actress Silvia Pinal 88 years old, was admitted to the hospital for problems in the bladder. Various sources claimed that the star of the cinema and the television was in serious danger, but fortunately everything went well. However, again there has been speculation about his health, and now they are saying that you have Alzheimer’s; therefore, she has answered.

Because Silvia Pinal is located in the comfort of your home after spending several days in the hospital for an infection in the bladder, the drivers of the program “First-Hand” decided to do an interview via phone to the actress, to ask her how she was health.

Silvia Pinal said for now is good and better than some weeks ago. But when questioned on if it is true that you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the star said:

“What do I have alzheimer’s disease? Well I don’t know…”

“… There is that I test for sure that they are happy that I don’t have alzheimer’s”.

In addition, Silvia Pinal commented that it is now taking great care with the pandemic Coronavirus, for which, he has to stay home more than normal and if you exit to the street be very cautious with your hygiene.

“I am well I’m in my house watching what I do and if I go out to the street…”

“… I go out with the care that I have to leave because right now, it is very unlikely all,” said the actress in her interview.

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Defend Silvia Pinal

The drivers of the program “first-hand” Picture TV, said that the alleged rumors that the diva of the cinema of gold, Silvia Pinal, have Alzheimer’s, it is very likely that they are not certain; as despite his age, the mexican actress has proven to have great insight so far, and even he was still working on her acting career.