What to see in Disney’s+ if you’re a fan passionate about the House of the Mouse


After many months of waiting, Disney+ finally lands in Spain. The streaming platform of the House of Mouse comes loaded with hundreds of movies and series of its major brands, in addition to several originals that are specially designed for the service. Because with this new format, Disney seeks mainly to ensure a new window to reach your audience.

Content Disney+

Between all of the content saved in your catalog, the more fanatical of the study will be able to discover new series, shorts, documentaries or special programs in which the company is open to the world showing her softer side. Since you know how to operate a park of attractions, to contests of cuisine inspired by their great franchises. An entire catalogue of very diversified for you all to enjoy, young and old.

Content must-haves-Disney+ for Disney fans

1 ‘The Imagineering Story’

From the top attractions to the large area of Star Wars Galaxy”s Edge recently opened in Disney World. The theme parks of the company have been experiencing a constant evolution that makes 12 of the most special places in the world, with millions of visitors each year. That constant reinvention that continue to maintain the magical aura that surrounds them is behind a process very well taken care of, invention, and imagination. ‘The Imagineering Story’ explores through its different episodes how to perform this process. The six-hour documentary that make up the series are directed, in case outside little, by Leslie Iwerks, the Oscar nominated for ‘The Pixar Story’.

2 A ‘day at Disney’

Movies, shows, amusement parks, shows, music… The ability of Disney to create stories and record them in the memory of all your customers and audience is unique. A ‘day at Disney’ is a documentary that follows the personal stories of 10 creative of the company in different areasdiscovering how is your day-to-day on the job. Because Disney is what it is thanks to these unknown faces, capable of conveying the magic and passion to a public that is delivered to them.

A day at Disney in eCartelera

3 ‘Pixar in real life’

Do Wall-E, Dash, or the octopus Hank walking on the street? What a code 23-19 in full Manhattan? ‘Pixar in real life’ placed in the city of New York to some of your characters and objects more iconic of his films, in direct contact with passers-by. Short after short, citizens will have to interact through hidden cameras with these movies living, resulting in all kinds of reactions and consequences. From the control console of the emotions of ‘inside out (Inside Out)’ up to help the good of Russell from ‘Up’. An experience that belongs to the section of Originals Pixar.

4 ‘Dream weddings Disney’

Submitted by Stephen “tWitch” Boss (‘The Ellen Show’) and Allison Holker (‘Dancing with the stars’), ‘Dream weddings Disney’ presents its next season in Disney+ with new couples and a lot of surprises filled with magic. Musical performances, guest stars and a host of parties that each episode will explore the most intimate moments of a couple different during their wedding celebrations. All this under the gaze of the imposing sceneries of Disney across the world.

5 ‘Disney Insider’

Who doesn’t like to know what happens behind the scenes of a movie or tv series of Disney, or the intricacies that hide their theme parks and their shows. ‘Disney Insider’ is entered on that hidden side of the company, leaving in each episode numerous experiences of its protagonists. From Katy Perry showing off the set of American Idol in the Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa until Niki Caro explaining the process of creation of the remake of ‘Mulan’. A real must-have for fans of the study that is expected to arrive soon to Spain.

6 ‘I know our chef’

The contests of cooking, are the one of the television genres that have best worked in the last decade. And if with Disney+ the american giant intends to reinvent the industry, it could not lack such a program. In ‘I Know our chef’, five families will compete with each other to create dishes on a Disney-themed fighting for a prize final very special: to be able to create your own dish with the Disney brand and serve in amusement parks. Thus, in each chapter, two families will face off in a culinary face-to-face, being the two with the highest number of victories to qualify for the grand final.

7 ‘Sunday in the family with Disney’

Through a series of short, expert crafts Amber Kemp-Gerstel shows different projects of theme Disney for families to be able to make them for themselves working in a team. Step-by-step, ‘Sunday in the family with Disney’s’ teaches us the properties and characteristics that make the company so special and unique. In short, a series of interactive with your viewers can spend time as a family at the same time that they learn once again the fundamental values of the company’s Bob Chapek.

8 ‘Circuit shorts’

A year ago, Walt Disney Animation announced that it would take a very particular strategy which is inclusive for all its workers. The pilot program gives the possibility to everyone who is part of the team to propose an original idea that becomes a candidate to be transformed into animated short. So, this ‘Circuit of short’ takes some of the ideas better accounted for part of the study, we want to make sure through Disney+ a new door to hidden talents.

9 ‘SparkShorts’

As in ‘Circuit shorts’, Pixar Animation Studios also wanted to discover new writers that have previously not had the option of transferring their inventions to the screen. With ‘SparkShorts’, in addition, the company also is experimenting with new techniques to continue to lead the animation industry at the global level.

10 ‘Frank and Ollie: The wizards of Disney’

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston were two of the main animators of Walt Disney Animation Studios from its origin. Retired in the final of the decade of the 70, both conceived some of the most important jewelry of the study. ‘Frank and Ollie: The wizards of Disney’ explores the life and career of the two legends through the great classics of the company.

Frank and Ollie: The wizards of Disney in eCartelera

11 ‘Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic’

There is only one thing more magical than the amusement parks of Disney, the amusement parks of Disney during the Christmas holidays. The television special ‘Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic’ reveals how it is carried out the preparations at the parks to wear their best clothes on such listed dates. A massive work with hundreds of people involved to enliven the experience of all its visitors.

Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic in eCartelera

Constant evolution

With this series of content, Disney makes sure not only to keep occupied to its subscribers for quite a while, but that is allowed to be released in facets up to now little gross. A few facets that, in addition, they leave behind a panoramic image of this evolutionary process that has been suffering the study since their first animated films to be the great company that we know today. And in case of success, it is quite logical to think that will continue to produce for the delight of their followers.