Adele, 5 years of retirement, divorce, descent to the underworld and reinvention: “The life I tried really hard”


When Adele he released his last album “25” five years ago, we still lived in London with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and his young son Angelo. The singer is preparing to launch its long-awaited fourth album in September, but at that time out of the public light the life of the star has gone through its worst moment.

When he celebrated his 31 years, in may last, the british singer shared a powerful and honest message with all his followers, in which he made reference to the most difficult year of his life and how he planned to get ahead.”The 30 I tried very hard and have put me to the test, but what I’ve overcome“, I said at the start of his words, which he accompanied some photographs of your expensive birthday party at the iconic mansion from “The Godfather” in Beverly Hills.

“No matter how long we are here, life is constant and complicated some times. I have changed dramatically in the last two years and I’m still doing, and that is well,” continued the winner of the Oscar. At the end of your message, Adele claimed that this new cycle in his life he was going to devote fully to her. “The 31 is going to be big and I’ll spend it on my. For the first time in a decade I am ready to feel the world around me and to admire it”.

The interpreter of “Rolling On the Deep” also spoke to his fans and shared his experiences with them. “Be good to yourself, we are only human, go slow, leave the phone and laugh out loud. It’s about learning to love yourself and I have learned that that alone is more than enough”.

Adele took his words seriously and embarked on a personal transformation.

When he finished his tour in June 2017, had married in secret with Konecki and retired from public life to be a mother full time for her son Angelo. In April of 2019 announced surprisingly his divorce, he was his partner for seven years and appeared in a club drug in the city of New York with her best friend, Jennifer Lawrence. A fun night of girls who became viral in Twiiter.

To be near his new friends from Hollywood, Adele bought a mansion USD 10 million in an exclusive suburb of Beverly Hillswhere has your friend Lawrence and Katy Perry among its neighbors. Making the most of your luxury property, we gave away a wedding to the comedian Alan Carr and your partner Paul Drayton in her extensive garden, and even it was she who formalized the link. The flowers that formed part of the altar were designed by the florist favorite of the sisters Kardashians, Jeff Leathamfor, and is believed to cost close to $ 10,000.

But for Christmas of 2018, there were rumors that his own marriage was in a tailspin. She and Simon are living “separate lives”, said the tabloids. Your appearance alone at the BRIT Awards in February only made the speculation about a separation acrecentaran. Two months later confirmed the rupture. It was learned that only a few months before, Adele she left her marital home to Simon, and in return she bought a property of USD 9.5 million just on the other side of the street.

But almost a year after his announcement of divorce, the artist seems to be doing pretty well with a life away from the scenarios and from the media. Your social calendar seems to be full of outings and parties full of celebrities.

And behind the doors of your house of a single in The Angels, it is said that the winner of 15 Grammy awards decided to reinvent itselfstarting with a great transformation, physical, forced to change your eating habits with a hard workout, under the command of the famous guru of pilates, Camila Goodis.

I would rather cry, now I choose to sweat“wrote the british born in Tottenham in a posted Instagram, last October, in which was to know your new figure. The artist of 31 years decided to make a huge life change and dropped close to 70 pounds. Today he is preparing his new album, live between Los Angeles and New York, and is surrounded by great personalities of the cinema and the music.

When you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home, Adele turned to her friends famous film and hired the best in the business: coaches Joe Wicks and Dalton Wong, that also puts in the form to Jennifer Lawrence.

In his days as a celebrity in Beverly Hills, Adele relies on her friends and in her new circle of the world of the show, including the wife of Robbie Williams, Aid Field, James Corden and Emma Stone.

Your new figure earned him criticism since the star had become an inspiration for many women for being a “girl with curves” who achieved success without becoming obsessed with their weight. She always made it clear that he makes music for the ears not for the eyes. “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the covers of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I am proud of that.”

Its closest point to the singer your weight loss represents much more than that. Has changed in your personal life in relation to their self-esteem and the constant fear of being judged. But their main reason, they say, was his son.

What is certain is that the singer is far from Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, of the london neighbourhood of Tottenham. Enjoy the life of luxury that was won with hard work, is always ready for a night of fun in New York and celebrates its great personal moment in the celebrations of Beyoncé or the raperomDrake. But also fulfils their dreams in their Uk home. One of them was meeting the Spice Girls during a concert in June 2019. “The last time I saw the Spice Girls at Wembley was 21 years ago!. This night with my closest I cried, I laughed, I cried, I danced, I remembered and I fell in love with me when I was 10 years old.”

In terms of his personal life is rumored, or rather the british newspaper The Sun what he says, is already being courted by the uk rapper Skepta, a resident of Tottenham, with whom he has a close relationship for years.