Alejandra Rubio and him! Mess of the bed. And attention because it is very famous!


March 23, 2020
(21:18 CET)

Alejandra Rubio coming from a family where there are three women with fame unlimited in Spain, has been a source of controversy permanent. For the daughter of Terelu Fields, much is never enough. The mess of a bed that has been a part of, generated all kinds of comments against and some in favour. Why? You will not be able to believe it.

The pump that launched Alejandra was in their participation to the programme Living the life, where you had to make an analysis of Survivors. However, the conversation was the other way unexpectedly. To Rubio was asked about his participant’s favorite and has not taken too much by releasing a very smiley the name of Albert Barranco.

But his response did not end there, for it revealed that what is considered attractive and interesting at the same time. Clearly he was not talking simply of their performance in the program. This public statement was an invitation to Ravine, who already has a partner, something that Alejandra were completely unknown to me to speak more of the account.

Alejandra Rubio

Alejandra Rubio is exposed

The dynamite that was missing from the story gave Emma Garcia in a subsequent programme, as it is not bit his tongue and said that he had spoken with Alejandra Rubio during the break. Alejandra would have asked Emma if Albert Barranco was going out with someone in these moments, to which she replied in the affirmative.

All the gunpowder is strewn on the stage, and, at the back of the island, inexorably, there will be trouble of epic proportions.

Alejandra Rubio again make your own with their words that do not leave the public indifferent at the moment that is. That ease to turn to the public in a blink of an eye it seems that is carried in the blood. How will it end in months? Will there be a response from Albert Barranco?