All the content of Marvel in Disney+ Movies, series, animation and specials


The waiting has come to an end. Disney+ has finally landed in Spain to give a blow on the table in the picture to the streaming. A good portion of the audience was anxiously waiting for the irruption of the company into the world of on-demand video. It is not for less, its different franchises shine on their own. But there is one that calls particularly the attention of: Marvel.

Catalog of Marvel in Disney+

The House of Ideas has included a huge amount of content within the catalog of the platform, to the delight of all his entourage of fans. Movies, series, documentaries and even the extras of all the films available that make up the ‘Movie Universe Marvel’. Not to mention the future original series already announced and will appear gradually as ‘WandaVision, ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ or ‘Loki’.

Full catalog of Marvel

Movie Universe Marvel

– ‘Iron Man 2’ (extras: trailer, deleted scenes)

– ‘Thor’ (extras: deleted scenes)

– ‘Captain America: The first avenger’ (extras: deleted scenes, visual effects)

– ‘The Avengers’ (extras: beginning alternate, alternate ending, scenes extended, the meeting of heroes, deleted scenes, outtakes, visual effects)

– ‘Iron Man 3’ (extras: trailer, deleted scenes, outtakes, short film, ‘Agent Carter’)

– ‘Thor: The dark world’ (extras: deleted scenes, scenes, extended, outtakes, tributes to Loki, music by Brian Tyler, Thor and Loki)

– ‘Captain America: The soldier winter (extras: outtakes, deleted scenes, behind the cameras)

– ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (extras: deleted scenes and extended outtakes, guide galactic of James Gunn, visual effects, the hidden face of the protagonists)

– ‘Avengers: The age of Ultrón (extras: deleted scenes, how it was made, outtakes, behind the scenes)

– ‘Ant-Man’ (extras: deleted scenes and extended)

– ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (extras: deleted scenes, scenes, extended, outtakes, Iron Man: The Road to Civil War)

– ‘Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange)’ (extras: deleted scenes, outtakes, introduction by the director, how he adapted the story, Thor and Darryl part 2, other)

– ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ (extras: video clip Guardians Inferno, deleted scenes, outtakes, introduction by the director, interviews with the cast, how it was made)

– ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (extras: deleted scenes, scenes extended, a tribute to Korg, inspirations of the film, 10 years of Marvel Studios, thanks to the director, production details, Thor and Hulk, Thor and Darryl part 3, other)

– ‘Black Panther’ (extras: deleted scenes, outtakes, Wakanda before and after, round table, tribute to the king T Challa, the soul of the warriors)

– ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (extras: deleted scenes, roundtable discussion with the directors, outtakes, commentaries from the directors and screenwriters, introduction of the directors, a tribute to Thanos, training teams of superheroes)

– ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ (extras: director’s commentary, introduction by the director, 10 years of the UCM, outtakes, outtakes Stan Lee, visual effects, presentation of characters, other)

– ‘Captain Marvel’ (extras: commentaries from directors and writers, a tribute to Brie Larson, deleted scenes, outtakes, history of heroin, a tribute to Goose, presentation of the directors, visual effects, origin of Nick Fury, skrulls and the kree, other)

– ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (extras: comments from the directors and screenwriters, casting, deleted scenes, outtakes, presentation of the directors-a tribute to Stan Lee, tributes to the characters, a tribute to Robert Downey Jr., other)


– ‘X-Men’

– ‘X-Men 2’

– ‘X-Men 3: La decision final’

– ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

– ‘X-Men: First class’

– ‘Wolverine Immortal’

– ‘X-Men: Days of future past’

The fantastic 4

– ‘The fantastic 4’

– ‘The fantastic 4 and Silver Surfer’

– ‘Fantastic Four’

Series live-action

– ‘Agent Carter’

– ‘Inhuman’

– ‘Runaways’

– ‘Project Marvel Heroes’ (documentary series)

Movies animation

– ‘Marvel Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United’

– ‘Adventures of superhero: you Fight on the ice!’

– ‘Hulk: Where dwell monsters’

– ‘Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United’

– ‘Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors’

Animation Series

– ‘Spider-Man’

– ‘The Avengers united’

– ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

– ‘Hulk and the agents of S. M. A. S. H.’

– ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’

– ‘The Avengers: The mightiest heroes of the earth’

Series of shorts of animation

– ‘Ant-Man’

– ‘Marvel’s The Avengers: Secret Wars’

– ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

– “Adventures of the Marvel superheroes’

– ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

– ‘Rocket and Groot’


– ‘Building a universe’

– ‘Marvel: 75 years, from Subculture to Pop’