Belén Esteban cries in silence. The most awful thing has happened. Dismay


March 24, 2020
(11:49 CET)

Belén Esteban is kept isolated in his home. Before the proclamation of the alarm status of the partner already took the decision of staying locked up at home because she is a person of risk. The tertuliana have diabetes. Each day of Paracuellos connects live with the space, only yesterday, did a few croquettes. She is in the company of her husband Miguel Marcos, who is also very, very worried, because he worked as an ambulance driver and it is always on the side of people with coronavirus.

Already two weeks ago that you don’t see it in person to his daughter Andrea Janeiro. The daughter of the tertuliana be found living with their partner in the Uk, where he is finishing his studies. Like all citizens, she also has to be confined at home. The number of infections and deaths in the country british does not stop growing. The Esteban makes video calls daily with her so that you can see.

Belén Esteban with his mother

Although right now his big concern is his mother. The matriarch is very higher, and also a person of high risk. His mother is in Benidorm. Luckily you are well-accompanied by her brother.

In regard to the situation of his mother, has revealed: “My mother already know as it is active. As my brother John and my sister-in-law live there… you are not leaving my house, we’re talking on the phone a lot, does not make us case, but it is carrying very well”confesses. “I am very well, I don’t have symptoms of anything, thanks to God. I want to give a message of the healing of this country, must heed what they tell us. I’m reading a lot, watching series, arranging closets and if I took it all with peace”, has sentenced Bethlehem to finish.