Dies Sporty Spice, this was his big goodbye


Melanie C has decided to say good-bye to Sporty Spice, and his new song Who I Am confirmed, after returning to be the Sporty Spice in 2019, with the tour of the back of the Spice Girls, it seems that Mel C since you do not want to put on the costume sports.

The Spice Girl are the group of girls in the uk who marked the history of the music of the 90’s, and left us great songs such as “Wannabe”, “Stop”, “spice up your life” among many others.

The past 2019 made a tour of the reunion, and although many fans thought that this marked the return of the Spice Girls as a band, with the hope that they’ll release new music, and even a new disk, but it seems that Melanie C has made it clear that it was just a small reunion.

Some days ago Melanie C debuted “Who I Am” and if either input is a song about herself, the video we made it very clear that Sporty Spice has died, so probably no new music from the Spice Girls.

Mel C was buried to Sporty Spice

Although it was his character over the years, Melanie C showed in his recent video photos of her personifying Sporty Spice in the best moments of his career, talking about the importance of revering the past, but let it pass, that is to say, that you will always remember the stage with the Spice Girls, but now wants to show a different image, more mature.

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“Don’t recognize when I am honest / because never before I was / No, you may not like it, but I’m not going to apologize”, you can hear in the verses of the song.