Exatlón TV Azteca: this is what you did not know of Tilly, the winner of the third season

Only a few days have passed since the competition most important sport of TV Azteca, “Exatlón Mexico”, came to its end. The big winner of the branch women’s was the contestant Matilde “Mati” Alvarez Sierra, a native of Puebla, and who had an outstanding participation in the reality show, but here we bring you some details that perhaps you did not know of the athlete.

Mati Alvarez it is a athlete that has excelled in the world of sports for their achievements. Attended on several occasions to the National Olympiad where it came from small several medals and reach 100-and 400-meter dashes. Thanks to its speed, Matilda managed to highlight in multiple competitions Exatlón Mexico.

Even TV Azteca has said that the contestant has been one of the best of the reality tv sports and has achieved numbers that no other participant had made in Exatlón how to 436 runs, 308 wins and 218 losses.

Also, the puebla proved to be a worthy representative of the red team is also called “famous”, beating the leading Casandra Ascencio of “the contenders” or the blue team. Mati Alvarez also was named the contestant of Exatlón Mexico, with more medals in competition during the 7 months that he participated.

Mati Alvarez stressed in Exatlón Mexico

The winner of the third season of Exatlón Mexico TV Azteca is a graduate of the University of the Americas Puebla. His 24 years, is an important representative of the athletics in Mexico; has had involvement in national institutions such as the university, the CONADEIP and CONDDE, in accordance with the middle The Sun of Puebla.

Mati Alvarez in Exatlón Mexico/Photo by: Tv Azteca

Mati Alvarez in Exatlón Mexico/Photo by: Tv Azteca

However, the sporting talent of Mati Alvarez developed not only, as she herself has recognized that thanks to his coach of almost all life, Peter Tani, she managed to conquer the cup Exatlón Mexico this year.

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Peter Tani is one of the people who has driven to be followed in preparing, and even helped her practice the modality of Heptatlón, which helped him to be able to conquer the competition from TV Azteca. For the moment, Tilly is ready to return to Mexico and to Puebla after several months in the Dominican Republic where they conducted Exatlón.

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