Filter out unpublished photo of Danna Paola Before Elite!


Yurem Rojas, actor of Televisa, leaked a photo in your account of Instagram of Danna Paola, before you leave in the series Eliteand before he had made some other characters, and the unprecedented image caught the attention of fans, who claim that the singer is very changed with the passing of the years

Danna Paola it is today one of the singers mexican most important, it has managed to open step in the international industry, especially after all of the display areas is very intense in the series elite. However Danna Paola not always easy and Yurem what has become clear with the recent photo that went up to his account of Instagram.

In the picture you see a Danna Paola young, Innocent, specifically a girl, embraced of Yurem, with whom he shared screen in some occasion, when the two started their career in Televisa, dedicated to the world of acting from a very young age.

Look at the picture of Danna Paola

The image fell in love with hundreds of fans of Danna Paola, who did not hesitate to manifest their “likes” in Instagram, in addition to commenting on the tender that it saw Danna Paola when I was a child.

Over the years, we have seen it grow to Danna Paola with different projects, in fact, the interpreter of Sodium has at some point thought of leaving the world of the show and engage to be a Chef and studied gastronomy in Paris, however, Wicked: The musical came to life, so it felt like a sign to stay in the show.

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Danna Paola is today, one of the performers female with more influence among the young people, in addition to being the standard-bearer of the lgbt community by their songs, and have more than 18 million followers on his account of instagram, who are always on the lookout for their publications.